PlayStation Plus List of Free Games for May 2015 Possibly Leaked!

Sony have been offering a great service with their PlayStation Plus, which allows players to obtain various free games on a regular basis – and they’re not just temporary either, as a player who gets one of those offers can then keep it in their account for as long as they remain subscribed to PlayStation Plus. The games are changed regularly, allowing players to experience various popular – and sometimes obscure – titles on the platform without having to pay anything for the games themselves.

For May, it seems like Sony are planning a list of six total games for the service’s subscribers, and we got a leak of what’s coming, courtesy of a German PlayStation blog. If the leak is correct, then players will have several exciting titles to enjoy, and the company’s older console isn’t forgotten yet as two of the games are for the PS3.

For the PS4, gamers will get “Rayman Legends” and “Knack”. Then we have “Need for Speed Rivals” and “Shovel Knight” for the PS3, and the last two games are on the PS Vita – “Fruit Ninja” and “Asphalt Injection”. The list seems quite good, covering a variety of genres and some titles that can definitely use the extra attention right now, while on the other hand players should already be familiar with some of the names among these.

The legitimacy of “Shovel Knight” being on that list has been disputed by some members of the press, as the game is a relatively recent release and it wouldn’t make much sense to include it as a free PS Plus title right now. Still, Sony could have something interesting planned that we’re not aware of, and in the end it might turn out that the game’s inclusion actually makes perfect sense.

We’ll find out in a few days when Sony announce the full list of May titles for PlayStation Plus themselves, but until then, players may want to go through the current list and make sure they haven’t missed anything.

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“Dishonored” is a great choice for those who haven’t yet played it, and now could be the perfect time to play the game as well, as a sequel is rumored to be underway. Currently, Bethesda are dealing with some backlash after their recent move towards monetized mods on Steam, and it’s not clear how this will impact the potential announcement of “Dishonored 2”, but in any case, the original is still very much worth playing, and it’s one of the best experiences on the action-stealth market right now. Hopefully Sony will decide to continue including such high-ranking titles in the PlayStation Plus service, as it’s proven to be a very good deal for most players so far, and has been enjoying a lot of popularity.

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