Attention towards Frozen 2 Reflects on Director, He Says; Plot Details Still Unconfirmed, And More Details

The original “Frozen” was quite the successful hit, and it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened and a sequel was announced. Preceded by lots of rumors, the final announcement was met with a lot of excitement from the first film’s fans, and now everyone is eagerly waiting to see what Disney are preparing for the next installment.

However, while many would probably be quick to think that this kind of attention must be great to have, it’s also important to remember that it can quickly start to take its toll on a person, and one must be careful to balance their work with their personal lives if they want to avoid falling into some serious problems.

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear Chris Buck, co-director on the production, admitting that he’s “terrified” of the attention currently focused on him, and he’s actually considering if he should refuse the offer completely. Of course, pretty much all fans and critics are hoping that he’s going to move forward with his work on “Frozen 2”, because the sequel definitely isn’t going to be the same without his touch.

Meanwhile, concrete details on the production are still lacking, and we don’t know which of the original actors will be reprising their roles, nor who’ll be joining the cast. It’s reasonable to expect that Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell will be coming back, but even their roles seem to be under a big question mark right now.

We did get a news report saying that Idina Menzel will be coming back, but so far there have been no news about Kristen Bell, leaving some fans to wonder if Disney have decided to make some changes to the plot. That would certainly be a risky move, as the original “Frozen” relied to a large extent on the great chemistry between its characters – like many of the studio’s productions do – so hopefully everyone behind the scenes realizes that when it comes to choosing the cast.

Frozen 2

Other than that, we really have no reason to believe that the film is going to be handled improperly, and if anything, we’re just as excited as most fans right now about what Disney could be preparing. It’s worth noting that while the studio is usually careful with the way they approach plots to their sequels, it’s also not rare that they would do something rather drastic in order to move the story forward. Anything could technically happen, and this film could solidify the position of the franchise in the history of cinema if it’s executed properly. It wouldn’t even need much in the way of marketing, as it already has all the hype Disney could ask for.

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