PlayStation 5 Rumor Round-Up: Console Could Explore Alternative Storage Options, First Titles Speculated!

When can we expect the PlayStation 5? There are different rumors about that, but it’s important to remember that major gaming consoles are typically developed with a 10-year lifecycle in mind. Or at least that used to be the norm with the last generation, but currently things are not that clearly cut out.

But if that’s still the case, then we shouldn’t expect the next PlayStation console any earlier than 2020, and that’s a generous estimate. The console is just getting off the ground and developers are just starting to reap the potential of its hardware, so it makes sense that Sony would want to keep it around for a lot longer.

On the other hand, the company also has to make sure that their fans are aware of what’s coming and are sufficiently hyped up for the next release in the series. With that in mind, we will probably start hearing more concrete rumors about the PlayStation 5 in a few years.

It does make sense for Sony to already be working on the console at this point though, because they will need to put a lot of effort into perfecting the design for the next release. After four entries in the series, people have come to expect a lot more from one of the major players on the console market.

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