Paramount Pictures Still Waiting for Change of Heart of Michael Bay to Helm Transformers 5?

Transformers cinematic universe

Consistent with what DC and Marvel are doing over the past couple of years, Paramount Pictures wants to capitalize on the success and continued popularity of the film franchise by producing more sequels and possibly spinoff movies too.

The studio has in fact taken on Oscar winning director-producer Akiva Goldsman to work with “Transformers” franchise director Michael Bay to make things happen for Paramount Pictures, notes Christian Today.

It has already been reported that after directing all the past four “Transformers” film, Michael Bay will no longer be directing the next sequel since he said he wanted to move on already.

However, there have been reports of late that Michael Bay is confirmed to return for “Transformers 5.”

Now it is becoming clear that Michael Bay will return to the “Transformers” franchise as consultant to Paramount Pictures for possible sequels and spinoffs while Jonathan Liebesman will direct the next sequel.

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