‘Super Smash Bros 4’ to Feature New Additional Fighters and Mii Fighter Outfits, Confirms Nintendo

The latest iteration of the fighting video game “Super Smash Bros” on Nintendo’s Wii U/3DS will feature additional fighters and Mii fighter outfits, reports Nintendo Everything.

This was pretty much confirmed by Masahiro Sakurai, video game director of “Super Smash Bros” in his latest column in Japanese publication Famitsu as he discussed about downloadable content or DLC.

In order to keep the existing game fresh and in step with the latest version, DLCs are the way to go. Sakurai said that the intention of the DLC is basically for the fans and gamers more than anyone else.

Sakurai explained that just creating one fighter is already a huge undertaking but they can certainly make them in large quantities. The good thing he said is that when they are through with the project, they also feel refreshed afterwards.

The latest character to come out to “Super Smash Bros” by way of DLC is Mewtwo, which was released to Club Nintendo members in mid-April. Mewtwo is now available to all “Super Smash Bros” players beginning on April 28.

There is also word that Nintendo is planning to introduce Lucas in June along with other additions to its fighter roster. Fans can also vote which character they want to be introduced to “Super Smash Bros” via DLC.

More characters

Last month, it was reported that “Super Smash Bros 4” on Nintendo’s Wii U/3DS will get more characters very soon.

There have been reports that Ryu of the “Street Fighter” fame and Roy of “Fire Emblem” will be making their way to the “Super Smash Bros 4” primarily based on some background music files found on the 3DS version of the game.

Although the files are not definitive and cannot confirm whether the two fighters will be coming to the game as DLC fighters or not, latest developments related to new characters coming to Super Smash Bros 4 may have spill the beans on Nintendo’s newest plan to bring more excitement to the fighting video game.

An avid gamer of “Super Smash Bros 4” who has been exploring and mining the 3DS version’s data recently discovered that there are five character slots available after Mewtwo, who is the first Super Smash Bros 4 DLC fighter.

The empty character slots are currently labeled “Mario” as a placeholder. This discovery may have revealed Nintendo’s plans to add even more playable fighters to the game.

Of the five slots, the first one is already known because it is going to Lucas, the second DLC fighter announced by Nintendo. However, the four slots still remain a mystery. Linking up the report about Ryu and Roy, it seems likely that these two characters will fill up the two slots, leaving the two other slots still a mystery.

super smash bros

It is also likely that the remaining two slots will go to those who receive the most number of votes from the Super Smash Bros Fighter Ballot that Nintendo opened just recently.

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