OnePlus One Users Can Now Install a Stable Android 5.1.1 Version!

Just recently, an update for the OnePlus One was rolled back after it was revealed that there were some significant issues with it and users were experiencing serious problems with their devices. This was disappointing to many who were hoping to get up to speed with the most recent Android version, but now the CyanogenMod developers have released a brand new version of their popular CM12.1 custom ROM specifically aimed at the OnePlus One, which fixes pretty much all issues from the previous build and also comes with various additional security fixes and performance improvements.

As with any kind of custom ROM, users should approach the flashing procedure very carefully and make sure to read the instructions and compatibility notes, because there is a risk of bricking the device if not enough care is taken. That risk has been getting smaller and smaller over the years as custom ROM developers have figured out how to make their releases as safe as possible, but it’s still something that people need to be wary of.

And of course, the procedure requires a rooting of the device, something which not every user might be happy to do, but it’s a necessity. On the bright side, a rooted Android device usually gives its users many more options for utilizing the operating system to its full potential, and it’s something that many power users of Android eventually do.

The new build also addresses the “Stagefright” exploit, a serious security vulnerability that was discovered in Android recently which could allow hackers to easily compromise a device and get access to parts of its operating system that they should never even be able to see.

It’s worth noting that Cyanogen comes with various additional tools and extras that aren’t needed by most users and could be seen as bloatware by most, but these can be easily uninstalled. These include the special Cyanogen Browser, Boxer E-Mail and a few other applications which already have their native system counterparts and aren’t really necessary for full operation of the device.

Other than that, using CyanogenMod is generally advisable for those who’re more comfortable with modifying their devices and getting access to the lower layers of the operating system, while at the same time it allows users to benefit from the latest developments in the custom ROM community, adding various features to their devices which they can’t get through the standard Android experience.

Meanwhile, market performance of the OnePlus Two continues to be lower than expected, and people are generally disappointed with how the phone turned out. Many people apparently expected a lot more from the device and were hoping for a true successor to the OnePlus One, but the new phone suffered from various issues surrounding its release that made the situation quite a bit different. Its hardware is not as powerful as people were expecting, it doesn’t have the luxurious feel of the original, and even the marketing surrounding the release was weaker than with the OnePlus One.

OnePlus One

The last part is probably easy to explain though – the original phone was a phenomenon on the Android market, as it came unexpectedly and filled a niche that many people didn’t even realize existed or needed to be filled. It was surrounded by a lot of hype, and everyone was happy to see a new contestant on the Android market performing so well and getting all the attention they were looking for.

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    Even with the latest update, i am facing issues with mail sync, address book sync, phonebook listing etc. Earlier version was much better and stable

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