OnePlus One Cyanogen OS 12.1 Update to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Cut Short Because of Major Issues!

The OnePlus Two also looks nicer compared to OnePlus One with the slight facelift. However, the difference between the two smartphones is not clear as night and day, and thus justifying the decision of OnePlus One owners to hold on a bit longer to their unit despite the arrival of the 2015 flagship killer.

With the formal launch of the OnePlus Two, the glorious run of the OnePlus One as the flagship killer of 2014 is about to draw to a close to allow its successor to take over the reign.

The Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus, however, seems to be going easy on the reputation of its upcoming flagship smartphone as the new flagship killer to ease the mounting pressure of too many expectations both from consumers and competitors.

Looking back to the humble beginnings of the OnePlus One in June of last year, it practically went from zero to a flagship killer in six months.

What made the OnePlus One really appealing was its unbeatable price point vis-à-vis its high-end specifications and a 64GB of storage, which is a great bargain at only $349.

The smartphone became the phone for the savvy internet user or those who knew how to seek out the best gadget that offers more worth for their money in the market.

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