New 2015 Honda Accord a Great Choice for Regular and Experienced Drivers Alike!

Nowadays, the trend among most car manufacturers is leaning towards pushing the most comprehensive, full-featured package, and doing everything possible to ensure that the buyer is motivated enough to spend a lot of money on the full set. At the same time, base packages get pushed to the back, getting less and less attention both from the manufacturer as well as marketing teams. In this context, it’s a refreshing sight to see releases like the 2015 Honda Accord, which, according to most reviewers, is an excellent choice even if a buyer decides to go for the basic version.

The main difference between the base version and the upgraded model is the engine – instead of a 3.5 liter V6, the car comes with a 2.4 liter four cylinder model, and also uses manual transmission instead of the advanced solution featured in the upgraded model (which features Continuously Variable Transmission). And of course, the basic model also lacks some luxury features and bonuses, like additional gadgets, heating, and premium interior materials.

And at the same time, the consensus is pretty much universal – even the base model is a fantastic offer, and is well worth a buyer’s money, for its starting price of almost $24,000. The car offers great gas mileage and relatively low emissions, and it’s also been reported to have a very smooth, intuitive driving feeling that’s actually hard to beat even by some more advanced models that cost a lot more money.

Manual shifting isn’t that much of a disadvantage anyway, not for those who like to utilize their cars to their full potential. As great as the modern automatic transmission systems are, driving with manual shifting is always better in terms of gas utilization and acceleration.

The interior is comfortable, attractive and roomy, and gives off a nice stylish impression, although according to some reviewers, it doesn’t strike with anything particularly good compared to other models on the market. Still, for this price, the 2015 Honda Accord is more than a comfortable ride, and should work great for those looking to take their families on a longer trip.

2015 Honda Accord

All in all, the 2015 Honda Accord is a great sign that a car manufacturer doesn’t have to go for the obvious strategy of trying to force their customers into buying their advanced models, and there’s plenty of merit in designing a proper, attractive offer for a base model. Sure, not everyone is going to notice how much effort Honda have put into this, but those who do will probably remember Honda’s entry into the 2015 market, and will keep checking out future offers by the company for a long time.

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