Nashville Reason for Non-Renewal for Season 5 by ABC Explained by Network Executive!

In the past season, Rayna is worried that Maddie is being involved with Vince. Cash then gets violent on Maddie when she insisted on leaving a party. It was a good thing that Deacon saved her.

Colt and Luke were doing their best to get will on Cynthia Davis’ show while Avery tells Layla about Juliette’s desire to see her daughter, Cadence.

Layla, in an attempt to stop Juliette, then leaks the information about Jeff’s death to the press and tips off Jeff’s sister. This then led to Juliette being sued for wrongful death.

Juliette then goes to the press and comes clean about everything. She and Avery also get to talk things out between the two of them.

The season ends with Avery waiting for Juliette at the airport when he was told that her plane sent out a distress signal 90 miles away from Nashville and is missing. The Season 5 premiere is expected to unveil the fate of Juliette.

Aside from having a new home, the show also welcomed two new showrunners. Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick now serve as executive producers for the fifth season.

CMT has not yet announced an exact premiere date for the next season of the musical drama. It will consist of 22 episodes with a next day stream plan with producing partner, Hulu.

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