Nashville Reason for Non-Renewal for Season 5 by ABC Explained by Network Executive!

Fans were shocked when ABC decided to cancel a slew of their shows including “Nashville.” The country music drama was axed after the 4th season when CMT swooped in just in time to save the series.

ABC President Channing Dungey recently spoke about their decision for not renewing the Hayden Panettiere-starred drama.

Dungey says that the network was losing in terms of ratings. Programs like “Castle” among others, which were once bringing in high ratings, have steadily lost their followers.

He adds that when “Nashville” was canceled, it posted an average of 0.96 or 4.191 million viewers per episode. This meant that Season 3 did better with a 1.34 rating from the 18-49 demographic or 5.16 million viewers.

Speaking to E! News, the network boss says that “Nashville” was a show that he particularly loved so not having it back in their network is a heartbreaker for him.

He reveals that there was an extensive discussion at ABC to keep the musical drama going. However, the network and its studio partners ultimately decided that Season 5 will not work out.

Dungey is happy that the show will still continue and has found a new home on CMT.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the fifth season of the show will not be as interesting as its past seasons mainly because the show will mostly consist of two new characters.

Movie News Guide reports that series leads Hayden Panettiere and Connie Bright were the only original cast members who will reprise their roles once the series airs on CMT.

Bright portrays country legend singer Rayna Jaymes while Hayden plays her protégé, Juliet Barnes.

The network’s Head of Development Jayson Dinsmore states that they hope that some original cast members will sign up and participate in the next installment of “Nashville” which means other cast members are still in talks.

However, one cast member CMT is not considering is Will Chase. The 45-year-old actor has not been cast to reprise his role as Luke Wheeler.

The actor recently opened up about this and said that he’s disappointed but he’s not taking it harshly.

He adds that there’s nothing personal although he is a bit upset because he has been with “Nashville” since the beginning.

However, there are reports saying that he might have a cameo in Season 5 to mark his exit from the storyline.

Details have been scarce when Chase will return to wrap his character’s journey in the series. The actor also revealed that he’s not been part of much talks about it lately, but admits he has some things in his mind about the way Luke will go.

Chase revealed that he’s still going to watch the upcoming season of “Nashville” sans his character. He expects that the season will be great and will breathe new life into new and interesting plots.

Fans are also disappointed that Aubrey Peeples is confirmed to not return for Season 5. Peeples played Layla Grant, a reality competition singer and later became Will’s wife.

Reports say that Layla, who was introduced during the show’s second season, will be sorely missed by the fans. Some fans took note of the possible disadvantages of how her departure will impact the show.

Nashville season 4

During the fourth season, Grant finally got the stardom she’s always dreamed of. What happens to her future could be a great story arc in the upcoming season but all of that will just be left to the viewers’ imaginations.

Fans are hoping that just like Chase, Peeples will also make a cameo just to give her character a proper closure.

It is still unknown whether the show will have a different approach or will set a different tone when it returns, but one thing it will do is answer the cliffhanger Season 4 left.

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