‘Narcos’ Season 2 Latest Promo from Netflix No Longer To Focus on Pablo Escobar!

It remains to be seen whether Netflix will agree to shell out such a ridiculous amount considering the reports that its content acquisition costs are already affecting its profitability.

Reports have it that Netflix had already spent $6 billion on content alone this year and that the company had already incurred a $1 billion debt last year for the development of original programs.

Roberto is the older brother of Pablo of the notorious Medellin cartel. Although he called his letter to Netflix a friendly request, Roberto said that they will take legal recourse if necessary.

In an interview, Roberto also claimed that his role in “Narcos” Season 1 was altered. Olof Gustafsson, who co-founded Escobar, Inc. with Roberto and serves as CEO, said that Roberto worked as his brother’s accountant and doubled as head of his hit men.

Season 1 of “Narcos,” however, featured an accountant who was fired from his post and claimed to be a CIA informant.

Roberto is also not impressed with the portrayal of Wagner Moura of his brother, citing that the Brazilian actor does not seem to have any acting experience as well as in dealing with cocaine transactions. He also added that Moura has not had the chance to launder billions of dollars in his life.

Netflix has yet to make an official statement or counter-position to Roberto Escobar’s recent claims.

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