Samsung Galaxy S8 to be One of Five Flagship Smartphones that the Korean Tech Giant Would Launch in 2017!

Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be the flagship smartphone of the Korean tech giant in the high-end handset market next year to succeed the Galaxy S7, currently enjoying its run.

Surprisingly, it will just be one of the five flagship devices that Samsung would be unveiling in 2017. The surprising part is that the Korean tech company normally launches only four flagship handsets every year and these are the S flagship, the S Edge, the S Edge+, and the Galaxy Note.

However, reports now have it that Samsung shall also be launching a foldable Galaxy X next year, which shall join its flagship smartphone lineup for next year.

As it is, the flagship smartphones that Samsung would be unveiling next year, one after the other, are the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S8 Edge, the Galaxy S8 Edge+, the Galaxy Note 8, and the Galaxy X, details Trusted Reviews.

All eyes on the Galaxy S8

However, all eyes seem to be directed towards the Galaxy S8 as it is now being hyped as one of the biggest smartphone launches next year.

After its turnaround from the Galaxy S5 debacle in 2014, Samsung will do everything in its power not to let its grip on the reputation for having the best-selling flagship smartphone slip any longer.

With the successful launch of the Galaxy S6 last year, followed by the Galaxy S7 this year, the Korean tech giant wrested control of the flagship smartphone market in the US over Apple. It is not about to just let it go even with the impending arrival of the Apple iPhone 7 in September this year.

Reports have it that the Galaxy S8 shall have groundbreaking features that it would literally take the flagship smartphone market by storm.

A dual-screen smartphone

One of the most interesting rumored features of the Galaxy S8 is its dual-screen display, and this was based on the patent filed by Samsung last year. Apparently, Samsung patented a new technology that allows a smartphone to have a dual-screen display.

The company also filed for a patent for apps that shall be compatible with the dual-screen feature of the smartphone. Thus, it started spawning rumors that the Galaxy S8 might have a cover that folds open, which would be a first among smartphones, notes the University Herald.

Another groundbreaking feature is the 4K display of the Galaxy S8. In fact, reports have it that the smartphone shall become the first handset to come out with a 4K display capability.

But these reports are mere speculation at this time pending the confirmation from Samsung, which is unlikely to do so, so it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

There are also reports saying that the Galaxy S8 shall have a processor that is more powerful than that found under the hood of the Galaxy S7.

Thus, it is possible that it could be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 or later and perhaps its closest counterpart from Exynos.

The Galaxy S8 shall reportedly feature the revolutionary iris scanner which would be used to unlock the device and authenticate apps. The same feature is being reported to become the main feature of the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 phablet due to be launch by Samsung early next month.

samsung galaxy s8

In addition, there are also reports saying that the upcoming flagship smartphone of Galaxy S8 shall also feature a triple-camera system.

Because of its full 4K support, the Galaxy S8 shall come out with an improved display technology that will definitely be useful once the virtual reality (VR) system takes over the market not too long from now.

The Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge still do not have the capability to support the whole functionality of VR.

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