Narcos Season 2 Coming with even more Exciting Stories!

On the other hand, there have been various positive remarks aimed at the opposite side of the equation in the show, the DEA agent chasing after Escobar. The story can potentially get very twisted after some time in this regard, and the producers are obviously trying to take things easy as they are setting things up.

The pacing of “Narcos” is another element that has been getting a lot of attention from many sides, and while some are claiming that the show could use a little extra speed in its storytelling here and there, it tends to move at a mostly consistent pace.

The way the story is unraveled around some characters is also something that fans have been paying a lot of attention to. Some of the seemingly minor characters could be getting set up for something more major if the predictions are true.

“Narcos” has a lot of potential right now, and it would be great if the showrunners put all their effort into realizing it to its fullest. It’s going to be an exciting ride for fans of thrilling criminal dramas, and it’s shaping up to be one of the productions that will be talked about a lot in the future, much like other shows with a similar premise in recent years.


  1. The only thing I don’t like about Wagner Moura is that he doesn’t have a dialect coach. His Brazilian accent comes on too strongly in certain places, which makes it entirely too obvious that he isn’t Colombian.

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