Rick and Morty Season 3 Rumored to Feature Co-Creator’s Unaired Animated Show ‘Dog World’

The upcoming season of the popular animated series “Rick and Morty” won’t deal with time travel anymore, series creators confirm.

According to Christian Post, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have decided to do away with the characters’ time travel adventures as the time jump is a very complex element.

Harmon explained that the time travel element is a real shark-jumper and that once it goes deep into the core of the show, it will be hard to pull out.

Fans of the alcoholic scientist Rick and his obedient grandson Morty are so excited to see the duo go on their crazy adventures.

Last week, a special episode titled “Rick and Morty 2.5” was shown at the Cinefamily in Los Angeles. The episode served as the series’ Christmas special.

Along with Adult Swim’s third season renewal, it was also confirmed that the upcoming season will consist of 10 episodes just like its previous two.

It was earlier reported that the upcoming season will have 19 episodes in total. Roiland denied this rumor through his Twitter account.

The creators doing away with time travel and the number of episodes are probably the only concrete news the third season has.

Realty Today reports that Harmon and Roiland have been jotting down ideas to include in the third season, but nothing has been finalized yet.

Although, fans are guessing that the dilemma last season finale will be a big part of Season 3’s storyline.

Last season’s finale episode titled “The Wedding Squanchers” featured a wedding in the Squanchy’s planet attended by the Smith family along with Birdperson and Tammy.

In the episode, Tammy revealed that she actually came from the Galactic Federation and attacked Birdperson.

Rick and his whole family were able to escape Tammy’s havoc and found a shelter on the other side.

To save his family, the scientist made a choice of turning himself over to the enemies after hearing Morty and Beth fighting if they should give up Rick or not.

The finale was met with a dark ending as Rick became a part of the Galactic Federation. Obviously, the creators intended the cliffhanger to be continued in the next season.

Another exciting rumor about the show’s third season is that the storyline will include parts from “Dog World.”

“Dog World” is Roiland’s 2012 unaired animated series and tells the story of a boy named Peter Michaels who gets pulled into a wormhole with his brother Edmund and younger sister Sally while on a camping trip.

The three are brought to a whole new world inhabited by talking anamorphic dog people with animal-like humans as pets. They are taken in by the Doggerson family who eventually help them find their way in their world.

The series was pitched by Roiland for Cartoon Network and although he had many plans for the animated TV series, production did not move so the creator decided to move on from his idea as well.

The pilot episode of the series, which premiered back in September 2012, is shared online and can be watched in YouTube and Vimeo.

iSchoolGuide reports that Season 3 will revisit some of Roiland’s previous works. Initially, Harmon intentionally deviated from the storyline of “Rick and Morty” in order not to allow some of his co-creator’s works such as “Dog World” to be injected.

rick and morty

However, after watching episodes from the first two seasons, Harmon felt that it was indeed time to incorporate something new to the adventures of “Rick and Morty.”

Harmon says that the idea is plausible given that the plot of “Rick and Morty” was taken from “Dog World” and a parody of the film “Back to the Future.”

It was earlier reported that the series creators already made a “Dog World” reference back in the pilot season.

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  1. What? Doing away with time travel? That’s going to be a pretty hard thing to do considering there haven’t been any episodes where they travelled through time!

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