Narcos Season 2 Coming with even more Exciting Stories!

“Narcos” was pretty successful in its first season, and the show managed to offer a fresh look at some already popular concepts. It was executed in an overall good way, even though fans complained about some minor issues around the first few episodes. It’s noticeable that the producers of the show are strongly in touch with the wishes of their fans and they know how to develop a story that can keep people glued to the screen. Now, anticipation for season 2 is growing and fans are expecting to see even more of the same. But from the sounds of it, they might get even more than they wish for.

Rumors are claiming that season 2 of “Narcos” is going to be even stronger in the dramatic and action department, and the show might touch on some more controversial themes. It already managed to raise some eyebrows with its first season, so it would be interesting to see what the writers can come up with for the new episodes. It’s also worth keeping in mind that the show revolves around a relatively controversial theme to begin with, and not everyone has been that accepting of the main premise.

But among those who enjoyed the show – who weren’t that few at all – there were strong voices of positivity as the show was executed in a good way in terms of production values and the pace of its storytelling. The fact that its story is based on real-life events also helped its popularity somewhat, as many people treated it as a mix between a documentary and a work of fiction. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a creative show in the end and it shouldn’t be taken at face value. Many of the events depicted in the episodes are purposefully told along a certain narrative, but in the end this is what makes the show work so well.

There have been reports that it was nominated for Best Drama Series at the Golden Globe, along with several other nominations related to people involved in the production. Many people expect that the show is going to win at least several awards during its lifetime, but it’s probably a bit too early to make realistic predictions about how well it’s going to fare with audiences over the years.

A lot of praise was directed towards the performance of Wagner Moura, who plays the main role of Pablo Escobar himself. The actor has been described as a perfect fit for the role and there have been lots of positive comments related to his involvement. A person like Pablo Escobar requires a very fine balance between various conflicting human traits, and Moura has been doing a fine job representing the character very truthfully and with a lot of respect to his legacy. Of course, some people tend to disagree on the subject of Escobar’s legacy, but the show has been portraying him in a mostly respectful way.


It’s interesting to think about where the show could go in the future. The story it tells has an end that everyone already knows about, and it won’t be a surprise to anyone – but the events leading up to that end are going to be interesting to observe. There are many ways the story could be told up until that moment, and even though the life of Pablo Escobar is somewhat well documented, there are lots of gaps in the story that the show can fill creatively.


  1. The only thing I don’t like about Wagner Moura is that he doesn’t have a dialect coach. His Brazilian accent comes on too strongly in certain places, which makes it entirely too obvious that he isn’t Colombian.

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