Mila Kunis Officially Married to Ashton Kutcher, According to Her Recent Interview, More Information

According to the actress, she’s very interested in current media events, and she always digs deep into various publications from all sorts of areas. For example, in her recent interview with Telegraph, she talked about a prediction that the human race could die off within the next 200 years.

On the other hand, according to her, we could increase our lifespans significantly over that time, and our children could live a much more different life than us. It’s interesting to see that these kinds of thoughts are what occupies the head of a prominent actress like Mila Kunis.

All in all, she has been portraying herself in a very favorable, pleasant light, and it’s no wonder that she has so many fans all across the globe. If she continues to present herself in the same way, we can only expect her popularity to grow as well.

Until then though, we’ll probably keep seeing her in the news in the context of Ashton Kutcher for quite some time, and we wouldn’t be surprised if her next interview involves some questions directly related to her relationship with him. We certainly wouldn’t mind to see her talking about that in more detail, and many of her fans wouldn’t too.

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