Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date Announced For 2015!

Right now there is so much promotion about the new Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft that you will barely see any other commercial on the television right now. Microsoft has been trying hard to get the Surface Pro hybrid gadget into the homes, schools and businesses all over the world. The first time the tablet was released, it was not received as well and the company had to go back to the drawing board to see if it could come up with a product that consumers would buy.

It might have come down to the fact that you were paying up to $1,000 for a tablet that comes with a keyboard. Fans of the Surface Pro device say that you are not going to get any tablet on the market that comes ready to run all of the Microsoft programs, as well as apps from the Windows store. With that being said, consumers have been warming up to the new device and it looks like this week was one for big news for Microsoft fans.

The new Surface Pro 4 will be ready for stores towards the end of this year and that means it will be released right alongside of the new Windows 10 operating system that everyone has been talking about. Another little bit of information that was released this week was the fact that the Surface Pro 4 is going to be offered in two different sizes. The current Surface Pro 3 is available in the 12.2-inch size, but according to sources, Microsoft is going to release the Surface Pro 4 as an 8-inch and 14-inch model.

The 14-inch model is almost 2-inches larger than the current model and will very much resemble a laptop when the keyboard is attached. Current models have Windows 8 pre-installed and have pros and cons, but the new device is expected to arrive with the brand new Windows 10 software pre-installed. The new software will improve the tablet and laptop functions that are features of the gadget. Microsoft must have finally done the right thing because other reports indicate that Apple and Google have taken note.

surface pro 4

According to online sources, Android makers and Apple have taken notice of the Surface Pro and are in the process of developing their own tablet/hybrid devices. Apple and Android devices are not going to be the same exact thing compared to the Surface Pro 4, in that they will not be able to use apps that are for desktop and mobile at the same time. Apple does a great job of developing new products so it will be interesting to see how the competition for the Surface Pro 4 plays out later on this year.

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