Brand New Cinematic Trailer, Screenshots from Batman: Arkham Knight Released!

The promotional work for the upcoming “Batman: Arkham Knight” continues with full force, as the game just received a brand new release of media to get the appetite of its fans running. Along with a new cinematic trailer, the producers of the game also released a set of screenshots showing off a fight between Batman and the Arkham Knight himself. And from what it looks like, this game is going to be the best entry in the “Batman” game series so far.

The screenshots look like they’re taken from the in-game engine itself, even though they’re obviously scripted heavily – but at least it looks like they’re not pre-rendered images, and could be indicative of the game’s visual quality. This hasn’t been confirmed so far, so it should be taken with a grain of salt though. There have been previous incidents in the industry where a supposed press release of “in-game” screenshots turned out to be pre-rendered.

The new game is going to bring various additions to the gameplay, making it even better and more refined than its predecessors. The game will allow players to drive the Batmobile for the first time in the “Batman” games, and will also grant them various other new abilities that should make it even more exciting to play as the Batman.

In terms of technology, the game is also shaping up to be quite the step forward for the franchise, as the new engine is capable of rendering amazing scenes at high definition, and has been advertised quite heavily along with the main game itself. Of course, this can always end up a disappointment later on, as the industry has seen incidents of games advertised with supposedly highly advanced graphical engines, only to end up releasing with subpar graphics that don’t match what the trailers showed.

Batman Arkham Knight

The cinematic trailer, while obviously not indicative of what the game’s rendering quality is going to be like, still showed some amazing breathtaking action scenes, and made it clear that the new game is going to be packed full of dramatic, tense moments, and will give players plenty of opportunities to scream in excitement as they control the Batman and his Batmobile around Gotham. The introduction of the Arkham Knight has also spawned lots of positivity among fans, as the new character has been described as a very fitting addition to Batman’s already long list of enemies, and this time it looks like the hero is going to face a true challenge, someone who actually knows how to beat Batman at his own game. Of course, it wouldn’t be a “Batman” game if the Arkham Knight ends up winning in the end though!

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