Michael Bay May Come Back to Helm ‘Transformers 5,’ Says Mark Wahlberg

There’s a new twist in the continuing saga of “Transformers 5” which will not hit worldwide theaters until 2017.

Late last month, Paramount Pictures announced that its “Transformers” ‘writers’ room’ has already been staffed with well-experienced and excellent writers to be supervised by both Akiva Goldsman and Michael Bay, which greatly ensures the good storylines for “Transformers 5” and all other sequels and spinoffs of the very successful movie franchise.

After the showing of “Transformers: Age of Extinction” in June of last year, Michael Bay decided to leave the franchise as director, having megged the four films of the series since 2007.

There have been reports after his departure that Bay has recommended or tapped Jonathan Liebesman, director of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” reboot movie shown last year, to replace him and direct “Transformers 5.” Liebesman comes highly recommended by Bay as the former is also his protégé.

However, after a few months, it has been reported that Michael Bay has come back to the franchise. He later clarified that he came back to the franchise not as director of the next sequel of the movie but merely as consultant to oversee the creation of the ‘writers’ room’ to be headed by Akiva Goldsman.

It seems like things have changed after the ‘writers’ room’ have been staffed with excellent writers as latest reports now indicate that Michael Bay may actually come back to direct “Transformers 5.”

Returning with him

In a recent interview, actor Mark Wahlberg, who was the lead star for “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” said that he thinks Michael Bay may likely return to direct “Transformers 5.”

But he admits in the same interview that he knows very little progress about the next film in the franchise because what he knows is that Akiva and the writers are already working on the script of the movie.

He added that he will most likely meet Michael Bay after they finish doing their current movies. Bay is still busy with his Benghazi drama “13 Hours,” while Wahlberg is completing filming for “Deepwater Horizon.”

Wahlberg is confirmed for two other “Transformers” movies which mean he is good to go until “Transformers 6,” notes Screen Rant.

The director of “Transformers 5” will likely be announced officially by Paramount Pictures after the script has been finished by Akiva’s writing team. It could be Bay, it could be Liebesman, but until Paramount Pictures makes the official confirmation, everything is just speculation at this time.

Excellent writers

Late in May, reports came out that the “Transformers” writers’ room is pretty much complete as put together by both Akiva Goldsman and Michael Bay that assured the next installment of the very successful robot movie series of a good storyline as well as all future films or spinoff movies of the franchise.


The new team of “Transformers” writers include Jeff Pickner, whose writing credits include “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” “Fringe,” and “Lost;” Zack Penn, who wrote “X-Men: The Last Stand,” and “Pacific Rim 2;” Art Marcus, who wrote for “Iron Man;” Robert Kirkman, who is one of the writers of “The Walking Dead” TV series; and Matt Holloway.

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