Apple iPhone 7 Release Date and Price Rumors Keep Piling Up!

Many people are excited about the new iPhone by Apple, even though the company hasn’t even officially announced the device yet. Their fans are convinced that we’re going to see the announcement sometime soon, and various rumors have been piling up regarding the possible release date and specifications of the phone, as well as its price. So far, it’s expected that Apple are going to keep the phone in the same price bracket as their previous releases, but there might be a few surprises with the way this phone is released and marketed overall.

Some rumors are claiming that there won’t actually be an iPhone 7 this year, even though Apple are planning a new release in the line. It might be a new version of the iPhone 6, but there are also rumors that the company is indeed preparing to release the iPhone 7 before the end of 2015, as they want to keep the line fresh.

Recently, Apple revealed a new version of their operating system, iOS 9. However, even though the new OS looks nice and it’s definitely going to enjoy a lot of popularity with the company’s fans once it’s out, what really matters right now is that Apple release some quality hardware to go with it. Sure, their older devices are going to get updated too, but one of the best ways to push the iPhone line forward would be to introduce some new hardware to match the powerful capabilities of the new operating system.

The release date for the new iPhone is expected to be around September 2015, although we can’t confirm an exact date right now. It might come with some extra features in its imaging capabilities, such as a flash for the front camera, as well as some special shooting modes for that camera as well. All in all, it looks like Apple are trying to make the iPhone 7 a very powerful selfie phone.

It’s hard to tell what its screen size is going to be, but there are rumors that there will be two different versions that users can choose from, much like with the iPhone 6. On the other hand, the iPhone 6 itself could get an additional version, a 4-inch model titled the iPhone 6C, but this is also just a rumor so far.

Apple iPhone 7

What we can definitely expect from the new iPhone is better performance and efficiency, and it will likely make even better use of its hardware, where it’s also going to get a significant upgrade. The A9 chip – as its name is rumored to be – is developed partially by Samsung, and it will offer better performance on a decreased area.

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