General Hospital’s Writers Have Some Pleasant Surprises Planned for Their Fans!

Ever since Laura Spencer came back to Port Charles in “General Hospital”, fans have been wondering if she’s going to stick around – after all, the character is most likely being brought back in this fashion in order to give a sort of a farewell to Anthony Geary as Luke Spencer. So far, it seems like she’s going to stay for at least a while, though we can’t confirm if these plans extend until the end of the show or if this is something temporary.

Still, the writers of the show are apparently planning a nice surprise for their fans with the exit of Luke Spencer, and they aren’t just going to write off the character randomly. Rather, they’re planning to let him go more gracefully and there might be some really interesting developments around that part of the plot.

We already know that Laura Spencer’s return is going to play an important role in the plot with regards to Luke’s departure, but now we’re getting reports that the way Luke will leave the story might be quite spectacular. Anthony Geary has been involved with the role on and off for a long time now, and now he has decided to finally let go of it – but the writers of the show are going to make sure that fans will remember his character, and they’re getting him ready for one last big adventure.

Apparently, that adventure is already being set up in the current episodes, though we have no idea what that could mean exactly. It should all make sense once the final episode with Luke Spencer is aired, but fans have already been speculating about the possible implications.

In addition, it’s still possible that Geary might return for the role in the future, as the producers of the show aren’t going to close the door to him completely. This doesn’t just speak for what’s going on behind the scenes of the show – it also gives a little insight into how Luke Spencer might leave the plot. We know for sure that his character isn’t going to be killed off or suffer anything dramatic if they’re leaving the opportunity to see him coming back in the future.

General Hospital

The writers of the show have apparently been quite hard-pressed to come up with a good storyline for the departure of Luke Spencer, and they have been working very hard to make that part of the story as satisfying as possible to the fans. There will be some familiar faces coming back to the screen, as well as some interesting surprises, and all in all it seems like fans of the show are going to be treated quite nicely in the upcoming episodes.

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