Mia Khalifa Pornographic Photos Shows Up in Famous Australian University’s Facebook Page!

The Facebook page of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia has become the latest victim of hacking when the prestigious institution appears to have put jaw-dropping images of porn star Mia Khalifa on its social media account.

Students, parents, and critics immediately slammed UNSW for showing racy images of the Lebanese-American porn star among others on its Facebook page, which also featured images of guns, and also teaches people on how to French kiss, details the Daily Mail.

The UNSW started posting images on its Facebook page on September 5, coinciding with the institution’s annual open day, which already gave a hint that it is the handiwork of hackers.

As a result of the hacking, pictures of scantily-clad women including the most searched porn star on Pornhub, Mia Khalifa, appeared on the social media page of the university, which came with the caption that says Mia Khalifa’s Instagram is jaw-dropping.

The latest hack on the Facebook page of UNSW is the second in two years after the high-profile hacking scandal in 2013, which flooded social media with soft porn links.

The university has become the butt of jokes on the internet because of that hack. It has also become the subject of the hilarious social media response.

Concerned about the impact of hacking

A female spokesperson for the university said that the university is concerned about the impact of the hacking on the UNSW community. It also promised to determine right away the source of the breach, notes the International Business Times of India.

According to the spokesperson, administrators were locked out of the UNSW’s Facebook page for quite some time but they were able to regain access to the site and immediately remove the malicious graphic content.

The university point person also disclosed that all avenues were tried internally to regain access to the site, but administrators were locked out altogether.

She said that it was actually Facebook Support that helped the administrators regain access to the UNSW website.

However, the prank has turned off a good number of visitors to the site, especially considering that UNSW is an institution of higher learning, In fact, one fan even said that if UNSW cannot secure a freaking Facebook account, it should also stop claiming that it is the leading engineering institute in Australia because even a 10-year-old child knows how to open a Facebook account.

Hacker on the loose

Speaking of hacking, a hacker in social media is on the loose and he or she is using the porn star Mia Khalifa’s jaw-dropping Instagram to hack into other people’s social media accounts.

It seems retired NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb has come to know the handiwork of this particular hacker when he tweeted an article about Mia Khalifa.

The more keen internet observer or user would suspect McNabb inadvertently clicked a share on Twitter button then attributed it to a hacker.

But the tweet on Mia Khalifa was also pinned at the top of McNabb’s Twitter page which means that he is clearly pointing out that there is a nefarious athlete Twitter hacker on the loose and goes around in social media a lot.

While she has deleted a number of her tweets last month against Caitlyn Jenner, Mia Khalifa is still under fire for her transphobic social media assault against the 65-year-old woman, who was previously known as the athlete Bruce Jenner.

mia khalifa

Mia wrote a series of tweets about Caitlyn receiving the Arthur Ash Award at the ESPY’s last month. In her tweet, she asked if she will be allowed to be upset about the fact that Caitlyn Jenner is getting the Arthur Ash award.

She also talked about how Stuart Scott did it the previous year and then followed by an Olympian coming out of the closet.

However, some social media netizens hit her tweet by saying that there is a big difference between coming out of the closet and basically changing sexes, which really hit the nail on the head.

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