Marvel’s Take on Spider-Man Will Have the Web-Slinging Superhero Wearing a New Costume

Marvel Studios will have the Spider-Man in its cinematic universe donning a new superhero costume which would be quite different from the ones the web-slinging superhero wore in “Spider-Man” and “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie series.

The new costume was confirmed no less by Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, who said that Marvel is looking to have an equally satisfying look when the rebooted Spider-Man joins the Marvel cinematic universe.

Though he said that it was a challenge considering that in both the Sam Raimi and Marc Webb movies, Spider-Man really look good in his patented red and blue suit, Marvel has nonetheless came up with a new costume for the friendly neighbourhood superhero.

When asked to elaborate on the details of the new costume for Spider-Man, Feige said that it would be unlike anything audiences have seen in the big screen in the past, details Cinema Blend.

The Marvel Studios president however said that he was more fascinated with the Raimi ones type of costumes, which was most likely their basis for the new suit of Spider-Man. He disclosed that Marvel Studio’s Spider-Man costume will eventually be referred to as the classic Spidey one, which fans would also really love.

Although Directors Sam Raimi and Marc Webb did a pretty good job in coming up with their respective versions of the Spider-Man costume, Marvel will surely not disappoint the way it did with the costumes of superheroes in its roster in the recent past.

Still looking for the right actor

While Spider-Man will still have his own solo movie to come out in 2017 yet, he is likely to showcase his wares come the third Captain American movie titled “Captain America: Civil War” due to be released to theaters on 2016.

That being said, Marvel Studios is now on serious lookout for the actor who shall play the role of Peter Parker.

Reports have it that the studio will have a young Peter Parker as Spider-Man in the Marvel cinematic universe so he would be a high school student not unlike the roles of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield where Peter Parker is already a college student.

Accordingly, the focus on the alter-ego of Spider-Man shall be in his high school days, just like in the Marvel comics, so the change in costume is just about right.

Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige did not release any details about the new costume of Spider-Man preferring to keep mum about it until they are more or less ready to officially announce it at a later date, most probably after an actor has already been chosen for the role.

spider man

While there has been an initial shortlist of names for the possible actors who are being considered for the part, Marvel Studios has yet to decide on who gets to finally land the role.

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