Motorola Moto G2 Adds LTE Support, Upgraded Hardware!

The release of Motorola’s Moto G prompted some very positive responses from the industry, as it was noted as a very good entry into the budget market, and a phone that could stand out on its own in a market segment that’s quickly becoming oversaturated. While it was nothing special in general, the Moto G still offered a nice combination of features for a really good price, and the company’s fans have been rightly excited about the phone’s successor.

The follow-up to the Moto G – dubbed the G2 – features some slight improvements to the hardware, mainly adding 4G support and allowing the device to connect to LTE bands. Considering the growing popularity of LTE and the good coverage that many carriers have for it nowadays, it’s great to see that even budget phones are starting to get access to the network.

The sooner we have a full range of user terminals capable of using LTE, the faster we’ll see the whole industry moving forward as a whole. 4G support has been probably the most requested feature from Motorola’s users ever since the company released a revised version of the phone which still lacked LTE capabilities.

Other than that, the phone features some small improvements in hardware, but it keeps the overall configuration the same. The battery has been upgraded to a 2390 mAh one, and the phone is now covered in water-resistant coating which should protect it against all kinds of moisture nicely.

It’s worth noting that the internal components like the processor, RAM and memory remain unchanged, meaning that the new battery should result in a noticeable improvement in the usage time. The phone also ships with Android 5.0, as can be expected from a device coming out at this time, making it an overall attractive offer in its market segment, and guaranteeing that it’s going to enjoy some attention for a while.

The phone has already been performing quite well where it’s available, but it remains to be seen when Motorola are planning to roll it out in additional countries as well. It’s still not available everywhere, even though users have been actively discussing the situation online and asking Motorola about their future plans. As usual, the company has been limiting the amount of information they’re giving out.

Motorola Moto G2

It’s probably too early to talk about another successor right now, but the Moto G2 was already commended for offering a good selection of features and even some customization options to its users. Motorola know how to please their market, even when it comes to people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a smartphone, and they could easily release additional devices with similar success in that line.