Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation Shall Feature Digital Assistant ‘Siri’

Previously the discussion was whether there will still be an Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation or not that would come from the American tech giant. Lately, the question now is when will the company officially launched its high-tech media player.

The last time that Apple released the iPod Touch 5 was in September 2012, so come September 2015, it would be exactly three years since then. Reports have it that the Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation will most likely be launch by the company in September this year, along with the latest flagship smartphones of Apple.

Since much of the function of the iPod Touch can already be done by the iPhones and the iPads, Apple made sure that the iPod Touch 6th Generation would have groundbreaking features to make it truly unique and allow it to stand out from the rest of the pack.

It seems like Apple will not disappoint its fans and consumers for the next generation iPod Touch as aside from the being a powerful device, it will also be water-resistant and feature Apple’s digital assistant Siri on it.

Siri would enable the user to make the operation of the Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation as easy and as seamless as possible, notes Venture Capital Post.

Many firsts

In addition to its water-resistant and Siri features, Apple is said to be putting a lot of firsts on the music device to ensure that it will have a captured market once it’s released this coming September

Accordingly, the iPod Touch 6th Generation shall feature Apple’s mobile payment system, the Apple Pay. The device shall be powered by an A9 microprocessor, which is way better than the chipset currently being used in the manufacture of the iPhone 6. The processor is said to be better and faster although at this point in time, the A9 microprocessor has yet to officially come out from production

The iPod Touch 6th Generation shall come out in two display size variants – a 4.7-inch screen size version and a 5.5-inch display size and both versions will apparently feature Retina display which means excellent resolutions.

Finally, the iPod Touch 6th Generation is reportedly coming out of the box with the iOS 9 already on it. Reports have it that the latest Apple mobile operating system is now on its final beta-testings and it is likely that it will be rolling out any time before September, giving the iPod Touch 6th Generation the perfect prelude.

The Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation shall come in six different colors including silver, pink, red, blue, space grey, and yellow. It will have 1GB of RAM but can be upgraded to as much as 128GB through a microSD card.

The Apple iPod Touch 6 will reportedly have a longer battery life, improved security features that include Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and shall sport an 8-megapixel iSight camera which shall also be waterproof just like the Apple Watch. It shall also be compatible with the iWatch.

iPod 6 Touch 6G

The iPod Touch 6th Generation would have a retail price of anywhere from $250 to $300, depending on the variant. Apple has yet to confirm all these supposedly groundbreaking features, specifications, and price for the music device though.

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