Marvel Studios Confirms Cancellation of ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ as Pre-Production Work Begins for ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot

Because of lingering rumors about the prospect of “Amazing Spider-Man 3,” Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has finally confirmed that the supposed movie is cancelled and that Marvel has already found an actor who shall take on the role of Peter Parker in the “Spider-Man” reboot movie.

Last week, reports came out that British teenage actor Asa Butterfield will be replacing Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and the web-clinging superhero in the “Spider-Man” reboot movie.

Kevin Feige disclosed that the Spider-Man in the Marvel cinematic universe requires a 15 or 16-year-old Peter Parker and thus the choice of Asa Butterfield, who is known for the science adventure movie “Ender’s Game” directed by Gavin Hood.

Feige said that Marvel wants to explore Spider-Man in his high school years because there are still so many things in the comic books that have not been done yet in the past five “Spider-Man” films, notes Venture Capital Post.

The “Spider-Man” reboot movie is slated to hit worldwide theaters on July 17, 2017 but the wall-climbing superhero shall appear first in “Captain America: Civil War” due to hit the big screens next year.

The nail on ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ coffin

Reports have it that it was actually Andrew Garfield who drove the final nail on the coffin of the supposed “Amazing Spider-Man 3” movie when he snubbed Sony Pictures chief Kaz Hirai in an event in Rio de Janeiro in the summer of 2014.

Hirai would have introduced Garfield as the star of the upcoming ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ during the event but for some reason the temperamental and moody actor did not show up even though he flew in to the country before the event. Garfield just claimed that he was feeling under the weather and could not make it to the event.

As a result, the speech of Hirai had to be changed and the rest, as everyone knows it, is history. Had Garfield showed up in the event, Hirai would have pushed for ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ before deciding to work out and forged an agreement with Marvel Studios.

But with what Garfield had done, Hirai was left no choice but to junk the ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ movie project and eventually signed a deal with Marvel Studios a few months later.

Relinquish its rights

With the signing of the agreement in February, Sony Pictures has relinquished its rights to Spider-Man as the super-hero officially enters the Marvel cinematic universe.

The Amazing Spider Man 3

It has been previously reported after the February signing of the deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures that the former is looking at bringing back Peter Parker in the “Spider-Man” solo reboot movie to high school.


  1. I’m watching the second film in the series RIGHT NOW. I just happened to be wondering if this Garfield guy was getting sacked for such an obnoxious performance and here I find that he went and torpedoed the whole project, single handedly. Either way, I hope he rebounds. The industry is full of hacks, no reason he can’t be another successful one.

  2. Literally nobody wants another Spider-Man reboot. Everyone knows his story and either Marvel re-contracts Andrew and continues the story and we actually get some character development or don’t bother bringing Peter Parker back. How about showing Miles Morales some love or Spider-Woman or Spider-Gwen or Miguel O’Hara or even Madame Webb if MCU needs a Spider (although Black Widow is technically a spider character, with her spider equipment such as widow bites, widow’s line, widow’s kiss. Just give us our Black Widow already.)

  3. They need to stop changing things and keep Andrew Garfield as the actor of spider-man. He’s a great actor, to me he was born for that part. I just get upset when they change characters, viewers form a connection and they as movie producers always cut the connection.

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