WatchPlate Can Turn a $399 Sports Model Apple Watch into a $17,000 18-Karat Edition

A gold-plating service called WatchPlate is giving owners of the cheapest Sports model of the Apple Watch an opportunity to customize and turn their $399 smart wearable to look like the $17,000 18-karat Apple Watch Edition. And the service costs only $399, which is similar to just doubling the cost of the cheapest Apple Watch.

The service provides a perfect opportunity for Apple Watch users on a budget to finally get to enjoy a gold-plated edition of the smart wearable without having to spend $10,000 or more.

On May 25, 9to5Mac posted a video showing an Apple Watch with gold plating and a link bracelet, which cost far less than the $17,000 gold edition it clearly resembles.

Apparently, WatchPlate was able to customize and bling up the Sports model Apple Watch in only four business days.

WatchPlate’s output looks stunning and absolutely gorgeous and the gold plating continues to hold up well even after one week of wear and tear.

Some benefits

With the company’s nearly a century of combined experience at gold plating, WatchPlate is able to make the average Apple Watch users look like a big spender. The even better news is that the $399 for customizing a Sports model Apple watch already includes free round-trip shipping through FedEx.

While owning a $17,000 18-karat Apple Watch Edition comes with significant perks particularly the VIP treatment on Apple Retail Stores or any other posh merchant or boutique, the third-party approach to owning a gold-plated Apple Watch edition also has some benefits.

WatchPlate can actually set up users with bands or link bracelets which are normally not available to the big spenders of the 18-karat Apple Watch Edition.

The best part of having a gold-plated Apple Watch is that the owner does not need to take a second mortgage just to replace the customized wearable should it get stolen by a thief.

VIP treatment

There is an obvious double standard in treating customers of the 18-karat Apple Watch Edition compared to those who shall be going for the aluminum and steel models of the smartwatch.

But in fashion, double standards have almost become norms to differentiate the really good brands from the pretenders.


Every buyer of the 18-karat Apple Watch Editions are normally provided one hour of personalized time with a retail store staff, who is tasked to give the customer a full journey on the buying process.

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