Manny Pacquiao Realizes Dream of History by Becoming the First Senator-Boxing Champion in the World

Subsequently, from the seventh up to the final round, it was all Pacquiao as he methodically dissected Vargas, hitting him from unorthodox angles while blocking and escaping the American’s dreaded right hook. So while Vargas threw more punches than Pacquiao during the bout, it was the Filipino boxer who connected more at 36% as compared to Vargas’ 19%.

While the victory appears unanimous from all angles, it was interesting that one of the judges actually scored it 114-113 in favor of Pacquiao as opposed to the 118-109 that the two other judges and the rest of the world saw it, notes the Telegraph of UK.

Many boxing analysts believe that the 114-113 tally in one of the judge’s scorecard was kind of strange if not bizarre since Pacquiao actually knocked down Vargas in Round 2. It would have meant that had it not been for that particular knockdown of Vargas, the tally on the judge’s scorecard would be even.

Even their appearance after the match told a lot about how the bout went. Pacquiao was a little reddish in the forehead while Vargas’s left eye was nearly swollen shut. His eyebrow was also taped after it got cut from a right straight in the seventh round.

Notwithstanding the closeness of one of the judge’s scorecard, it was an impressive win for Manny Pacquiao and was also an announcement to the contenders in the welterweight class that he plans to stay for a couple more fights, none of which can be more exciting than a Mayweather-Pacquiao multi-million dollar rematch.

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