‘Arrow’ Season 5 Episode 6 to See Oliver Queen Proving to His New Team that the Green Arrow is Not a Serial Killer as Prometheus Claims

After losing most of the members of Team Arrow during the Season 4 finale of the American superhero drama TV series “Arrow,” on The CW, Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell, worked with former fiance Felicity Smoak, played by Emily Bett Rickards, to find new members for the Team Arrow the following season.

In the course of the first five episodes of “Arrow” Season 5, Oliver and Felicity managed to bolster Team Arrow with new members.

However, in the upcoming sixth episode to air on The CW on November 9, Oliver Queen will have to prove to the new members of Team Arrow that his alter ego, the Green Arrow, is not a serial killer.

The mysterious Prometheus has been telling the new member of Team Arrow that their leader is a serial killer. In order for Oliver to prove that Prometheus was lying to them, he also needs to hope that he has built enough trust with his new recruits to convince them that he is a good guy, reports the International Business Times.

Oliver knows that Prometheus is playing mind games with the new members of Team Arrow because the villain knows that the Green Arrow is onto him.

Prometheus is, in fact, ramping up his murders to lure Oliver into coming out and get him. But the Green Arrow is more concerned on how to save his victims rather than go head-to-head with him right away.

He also believes that the killing spree of Prometheus is not random. But it would be Felicity and Curtis Holt, played by Echo Kellum, who will discover that the victims have a mysterious link to Oliver’s past.

Bonding as a pseudo father-daughter

The upcoming episode, entitled “So It Begins,” would also feature the pseudo father-daughter bonding of Quentin Lance, played by Paul Blackthorne, and Thea Queen, played by Willa Holland.

Both are members of Team Arrow who have decided to stay away from crime-fighting after the death of Laurel Lance a.k.a the Black Canary, played by Katie Cassidy.

Thea has been very supportive of Quentin Lance while trying to stay sober though he finds it quite a challenge.

In a previous interview, Paul Blackthorne revealed that his character and Thea Queen will be bonding a lot in Season 5 of “Arrow” because Thea has this strange father situation and his character has his desperate daughter situation.

Time to move on from Felicity

In the previous episode of “Arrow,” Oliver Queen found out that Felicity already has a boyfriend in Detective Malone, played by Tyler Ritter.

It was a heartbreaking moment for Oliver as she kept the relationship a secret from her former fiancé.

In a recent interview on the set of “Arrow” in Vancouver, Canada, actor Stephen Amell said that his character was fine but just slightly confused that Felicity did not tell him that she was already dating someone.

The actor said that he was not a huge fan of the idea that Felicity would not say something because of all the reasons that their relationship fell apart last year, which was about secrets being kept, details the Collider.


Amell said that he does not know if Oliver is ready to move on, but it’s time for him to have another relationship.

He explained that he actually had a moment earlier this year as he was talking with executive producer Wendy Mericle. Amell said that nobody in the set is allowed to describe Oliver Queen as a playboy. He has dated one woman since Season 2 and he had a fling with Isabel Rochev in Season 4 and those were it.

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