‘The Flash’ Season 3 Critics Believe that Killer Frost Should Take the Mantle of Main Villain Role from Dr. Alchemy and Savitar

Just before the third season of the American superhero drama TV series “The Flash” premiered on The CW last month, there were reports confirming that the main villains would be Dr. Alchemy and Savitar, the self-proclaimed god of motion.

It would have been a minor deviation in a way from the first two seasons of “The Flash” as the villains would not be speed demons just like the Reverse-Flash in Season 1 and Zoom in Season 2.

However, there seems to be an evolving character in “The Flash” who the critics believe should be the main villain for Season 3 of the hit TV series. And it is no other than Killer Frost, the Earth-2 alter ego of Caitlin Snow, played by Danielle Panabaker.

Those who are familiar with “The Flash” comic books know that when Caitlin Snow made his debut in the first episode of “The Flash,” it would only be a matter of time until the brilliant scientist and valiant member of Team Flash would transform into the icy villain Killer Frost.

That actually did not happen during the first season of “The Flash” but viewers finally got a taste of her transformation in Season 2 when the episode “Welcome to Earth-2” introduced a twisted, alternate universe version of Caitlin.

But because of the events of “Flashpoint,” the first episode of the current third season of “The Flash,” Caitlin has continued her descent into becoming Killer Frost, notes IGN.

More to offer

Critics believe that Killer Frost has more to offer as the main villain of “The Flash” Season 3 compared to Dr. Alchemy and Savitar.

They added that focusing on Killer Frost rather than Savitar or Dr. Alchemy as the main villain would give “The Flash” Season 3 the fresh approach it needs.

Killer Frost now has growing powers that enable her to do things that even science greats like Cisco and Harrison Wells cannot both fathom. She does not just freeze things, Killer Frost actually robs them of their molecular motion and bring their temperature to absolute zero.

That is the way to stop a speedster that the previous speed demons have failed to do. Killer Frost can use her ice powers to counteract and offset Barry Allen’s speed to leave him and his alter ego The Flash frozen on the spot.

One other thing that seems to favor Killer Frost serving as the main villain for “The Flash” Season 3 is the fact that Caitlin has an emotional connection to Barry and the rest of Team Flash that Savitar or Dr. Alchemy can match.

She has been with Team Flash right from the start. She has bonded with Barry, Cisco, and Iris to the point where they’ve become a real family. She’s weathered tragedies like losing her husband and being kidnapped by Zoom with Team Flash as her support network. But her storyline has long been set because she was really meant to go from sidekick to supervillain.

Killer Frost will finally happen

In the early episodes of “The Flash” Season 3, Caitlin was shown developing powers as a result of Barry messing with the timeline.

During the third episode, Caitlin turned to her mother for help as her metahuman powers continued to worsen and get out of control.

It seems that is about to happen in the upcoming seventh episode of “The Flash” Season 3 aptly titled as “Killer Frost” which will be shown on The CW on November 22.


Kevin Smith will direct the episode where Killer Frost will start wreaking havoc in Central City. The episode shall also feature Dr. Alchemy, who may have something to do or not with the full transformation of Caitlin into Killer Frost, details Screen Rant.

Fans of the series are now looking whether the Killer Frost in the upcoming seventh episode will be an iteration of the Earth-2 Killer Frost that was featured in Season 2. It will be something to look forward to in “The Flash” Season 3.

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