‘Arrow’ Season 5 Episode 6 to See Oliver Queen Proving to His New Team that the Green Arrow is Not a Serial Killer as Prometheus Claims

The actor said that he had a couple of scenes with Carly Pope, who has done a great job as Susan Williams. He believes that there will be some exploration of a certain element of romance between Oliver and Susan in the upcoming episodes of “Arrow” Season 5.

Amell said that people will enjoy it because he has found it to be really dynamic so far. He also explained that it would be most interesting if Susan Williams was not just necessarily a spy in the weeds.

He said that Susan appears to be up to no good, but in reality, she’s just following a very interesting story. The actor explained that the mayor of the town where she is a news reporter was clearly not on an island for five consecutive years.

With loads of revelations made by Stephen Amell on Susan Williams, it looks very likely that she would soon become the next romance for Oliver Queen in “Arrow” Season 5. As to when would that happen remains to be seen.

Fans would love nothing but to see Oliver finally move on from his failed relationship with Felicity so that they can junk ‘Olicity’ for good and perhaps consider ‘Olisan’ in the subsequent episodes of “Arrow” Season 5.

In any case, such romantic storyline would surely help keep “Arrow” fans glued to the TV series until the Season 5 finale next year.

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