Locals of Reading in England Recalls Visit of Macaulay Culkin and The Pizza Underground Rock Group One Year Ago

Macaulay Culkin married actress Rachel Miner in 1998 but they separated two years later. Their divorce became official in 2002. He then began dating Mila Kunis in May 2002. Sometime in January 2011, the publicist of Mila Kunis confirmed that the two have separated several months earlier but their split was amicable and that they have remain close friends. Culkin has been dating actress Jordan Lane Price since November 2013.

Late last year, Macaulay Culkin became a victim of an internet death hoax. It began when a source posted on the internet that Macaulay was found dead in a New York City apartment.

But instead of getting piqued by the reports, Macaulay parodied the hilarious 1980 movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” where he posted some of his pictures on Twitter pretending that he was Bernie.

One tweet also came from The Pizza Underground, which is his Velvet Underground tribute band. The post also came with a note saying that his band just performed last night at Belmont and said that he is very much alive because they are on tour.

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