Gran Turismo 7 Will Have Incredible Difference with Gran Turismo 6, Says Developer

Game developer Polyphony Digital says that its upcoming racing car video game “Gran Turismo 7” will have an incredible difference compared to the current “Gran Turismo 6” in terms of high quality data when the game finally rolls out exclusively to the PlayStation 4 sometime next year or in 2017.

The new gameplay trailer of “Gran Turismo 7” is expected to be rolled out by Polyphony Digital in the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015 event to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 16 to 18, cites Youth Health Mag.

It has been previously reported that the release date of “Gran Turismo 7” shall be pushed back to 2017 as Polyphony Digital apparently needs more time to perfect the game and really make it a much better final product than its predecessor.

Very ‘Gran Turismo’

Kazunori Yamauchi, the original series creator of the “Gran Turismo” franchise, confirmed that “Gran Turismo 7” will have everything that the development team could not do in “Gran Turismo 6.”

Yamauchi revealed that he and his staff have envisioned “GT7” to do everything they could not do in in “GT6” because they want to make the latest installment to the racing video game a very “Gran Turismo.” What the creator meant is to make “GT7” match the current era that we now live in, particularly 2015 or 2016.

He added that the standard car models that have been constant from “Gran Turismo 4” released in 2004 will still be present in the upcoming “GT7.”

He explained that each car has its own fans so they simply could not afford throwing away “Gran Turismo’s” standard cars and hang on the archive some more.

But he cited that some of those cars may make it to the Premium car rosters because their overall intention for “Gran Turismo 7” is to increase the number of premium cars.

Something special for gamers

Polyphony Digital has promised that it will bring something special to gamers for “Gran Turismo 7” and make the racing video game the best entry on the PS4 that gamers could imagine.

The “Gran Turismo” racing video game property has consistently been a big seller but was only hampered during the PlayStation 3 era because of delays and the slightly smaller install base of the last generation gaming console compared to the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation.

But with the entry of “Gran Turismo 7” on the PlayStation 4, the game debut on the next-gen gaming console promises to be a humdinger.

gran turismo 7

There have also been reports that the development team at Polyphony Digital has already looked into the Isle of Man’s famous Mountain Course, which will form the highlight circuit in the upcoming racing video game.

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