‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Opening Scene Hints of the Game’s Versatility to Feature Different Worlds, Says Game Director!

“Kingdom Hearts X,” on the other hand, is a prequel to the entire “Kingdom Hearts” video game series and takes place before the Keyblade War. Players assume the role of a Keyblade wielder who joins one of five factions led by Keyblade Masters fighting for control of the limited Light existing in the world.

The plot is connected to “Kingdom Hearts 3” which is why it is easy for Square Enix to integrate the Daybreak Town stage in the upcoming video game.

When Square Enix unraveled the gameplay trailer of “Kingdom Hearts 3” during the E3 2015, it was clear that the Disney-themed worlds that protagonist Sora will go into with pals Donald Duck and Goofy are that of Rapunzel’s “Tangled” and “Hercules.”

Gamers thought that Square Enix already settled for the two Disney-themed worlds for “Kingdom Hearts 3.” They were wrong as the game developer pulled a surprise and made the announcement during the D23 Expo.

Through a concept art, Square Enix showed that the world of “Big Hero 6” will also be integrated into “Kingdom Hearts 3” as Sora is shown riding an armored Baymax with his Keyblade extended out toward what looks like a dark Baymax.

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