‘Rambo 5’ Likely to Get Massive Promotional Boost from the ‘Rambo’ TV Series Now in the Works!

As Sylvester Stallone personally confirmed that there will be a fifth and final “Rambo” movie tentatively titled “Rambo: Last Blood,” there is definitely going to be one.

However, the movie has to be fitted to the seeming hectic schedule of the 68-year-old veteran Hollywood action star, who is set to do filming of “The Expendables 4” in China beginning next year in time for its 2017 playdate on global theaters.

It is likely that Stallone could start focusing on the “Rambo 5” production after he completes filming “The Expendables 4.”

There have also been reports that the ISIS terrorism plotline will be part of “Rambo 5” but Stallone, later on, denied it saying that Rambo will not be battling the terrorist army in Iraq and Syria. Instead, John Rambo will rescue his daughter from Mexican drug lords in the fifth “Rambo” movie.

‘Rambo,’ the TV series

While “Rambo 5” is in gestation and the wait and anticipation of fan continue to build up, they should be happy and content to know that a new TV series on “Rambo” is now in production and will likely premiere on Fox soon.

Variety has reported that Fox has ordered last October a script for a one-hour drama based on the iconic Stallone movie franchise.

Although Stallone would not star in the TV series, he will come in as executive producer along with Avi Lerner. The TV show will actually pay homage to the movies and it is tentatively titled “Rambo: New Blood.”

The small screen version of “Rambo” will explore the complex relationship between Rambo and his son J.R., who is also an ex-Navy SEAL.

There is also a huge possibility that Stallone might reprise his role of the former Green Beret on the TV series but as of now, nothing has been officially decided, reports Dark Horizons.

It would be a good strategy since CBS already proved it with the network adaptation of the Bradley Cooper movie “Limitless.” The TV series of the same title earned high ratings in episodes where the “American Sniper” actor was featured.

In terms of promotions, “Rambo 5” will certainly get good media mileage on the small screen with the TV series especially when it starts airing soon. The TV series shall certainly build the hype for the fifth film and it would sure add to its almost guaranteed blockbuster success.

Patterned after the first four movies

Except for himself as the lead actor, the writer, and director, Stallone has not yet made any other announcement as regards the cast of the upcoming “Rambo: Last Blood.”

In terms of storyline, it is expected that the movie will be patterned after the first four Rambo movies. John Rambo or his friend getting the raw end of an abusive authority that would eventually force the Vietnam vet to fight back.

In 1982’s “First Blood,” John Rambo is bullied by a police force under the authority of small-town Washington state sheriff, played by Brian Dennehy. In 1985’s “Rambo: First Blood Part II,” he was sprung from jail by his former team leader, played by the late Richard Crenna, to lead an insertion into Vietnam to rescue American POW’s.

Rambo 5

In “Rambo III” shown in 1989, he teamed up with Afghan mujahideen to fight against Russian occupiers. It would be 19 years before John Rambo returned to the screen in the fourth movie simply titled as “Rambo” in 2008, in which the soldier, now living as a hermit in Thailand, makes an incursion into Burma to rescue American missionaries.

In an interview early in 2015 following his announcement about “Rambo 5” late in 2014, Stallone was quoted as saying that he was getting ready for the movie and that he already started working out.

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