The Originals Season 3 Yet to See the Last of Cami; The Trinity Out to Put a Halt to the Mikealson Prophecy!

Fans of The CW hit “The Originals” were treated to a tragic Christmas as the mid-season finale saw the death of Leah Pipes’ Cami.

Apparently, what was thought to be a happy ending for Cami and Joseph Morgan’s Klaus turned into something horrifying.

The mid-season finale episode showed Klaus waking up to a lifeless Cami whose throat was slit and her body was soaked in a pool of her own blood.

Before the tragic cliffhanger, Cami and Klaus finally had the courage to admit their feelings for one another and shared a kiss.

Fans of Klaus and Cami had waited two-and-a-half seasons for their ship to sail. Sadly, the couple’s bliss was short-lived as Klaus’ ruthless ex-lover Aurora, played by Rebecca Breeds, killed Cami out of jealousy and anger.

However, a supernatural drama like “The Originals” just does not let a character permanently meet his or her end and a fan-favorite character like Cami does not deserve to die just like that.

According to Design & Trend, showrunner Julie Plec has confirmed that fans haven’t seen the last of Cami in “The Originals.”

Plec says that Cami’s demise does not mean Leah Pipes won’t grace the screen of the show anymore. The big question is in what context will the fans see her again and how tragic will that be.

Speculations on how Cami will return are now flying everywhere. Bustle speculates that Cami will return as a vampire.

The report says that perhaps Cami was able to take in some of Klaus’ blood in order to heal. With vampire blood in her system, it’s most likely that she will come back to life as a vampire.

Another speculation is that Cami might be resurrected by a powerful witch. Some fans claim that Yusuf Gatewood’s Vincent or even Freya, played by Riley Voelkel, have the power to bring a dead person to life if they combine their powers.

Another speculation that fans don’t want to happen is that Cami will appear as a ghost in visions or dreams of Klaus and maybe even through flashbacks.

Fans will have to wait how Cami will come back to the show when “The Originals” returns with its 10th episode for the season titled ‘Ghost of the Mississippi’ on January 29, 2016. The show has now moved to Friday nights immediately after its parent show “The Vampire Diaries,” which also moved to Friday.

Meanwhile, another exciting thing to look forward to the new episode of The CW hit is the Trinity trying to stop the Mikealson prophecy from happening.

According to Christian Today, the Mikealsons’ first sired vampires will push through with their quest to lock up their parents for good when the show returns.

During the mid-season finale, fans have witnessed The Trinity doing its best to make sure that Klaus, Elijah, played by Daniel Gillies, and Rebekah, played by Claire Holt stay alive for the rest of time, but locked up in a place where they could not harm anyone.

The Trinity is doing this as the prophecy has revealed that the remaining Mikealson siblings will all fall —one by a friend, one by a foe, and one by family. If the Original siblings end up dying, then all of the vampires they have created will also die with them.

This concept was already established in “The Vampire Diaries” Season 3 when Finn Mikealson died. Finn’s girlfriend Sage also met her death a few minutes after him because he was the one who turned her.

The Originals Season 3

Lucien, played by Andrew Lees, and Tristan, played by Oliver Ackland, have already put their plans into motion to prevent the prophecy from happening.

Tristan started to target the new regent Vincent of the New Orleans witch community. He will be The Trinity’s instrument to activate a device that can restrain the Originals.

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