Kate Upton Looks So Fabulous in Athletic Wear for October Issue of W Korea!

The 23-year-old supermodel, recognized last year as the world’s sexiest woman alive by a magazine, managed to really look flawless in her natural self

She also showed off her gorgeous curves as she was wearing skintight workout clothes, wearing a pair of black leggings with a blue and black zip-up sweater.

Upton also showed off her glowing complexion and nicely-styled blonde hair and completed her workout ensemble with orange and grey sneakers, as she breaks up a sweat with some friends in the very scenic landscape.

It is obvious that in order to keep her gorgeous figure the way it is, the Sports Illustrated favorite cover girl works out at every chance she can get and her hiking is also part of her usual regimen.

In a recent interview, Kate Upton said that she just appreciates the body that was given to her so she always makes it a point to take care of it the best that she can. Although she admits to having some insecurities as well, Kate says that those won’t stop her from enjoying life.

With a busy modelling and filming career, the supermodel-turned actress really takes to heart her effort to keep in shape in the outdoors while she can as she prepares for the upcoming winter months, wherein her physical routine would just be limited indoors.

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