‘Iron Man 4’ May Consider Playing Up the Romantic Angle Between Tony Stark and MJ Watson!

The earliest that “Iron Man 4” could happen is in 2019 which is the beginning of phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Obviously, there is nothing at all about the movie thus far with the exception perhaps that it will happen and that Robert Downey Jr. is almost confirmed to play the role of Tony Stark and Iron Man again. Everything else is speculation at this time.

Another interesting facet of “Iron Man 4” is the possibility that RDJ may actually be paid more than $100 million for it by then, which is not a problem at all for Marvel Studios. After all, they paid him $80 million for appearing in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” shown in May this year which is not even his solo movie, details Venture Capital Post.

There have been recent announcements that Marvel Comics will be launching its “Invincible Iron Man” comic book series this December and the fourth movie on Iron Man may actually pick up possible plotlines from it.

An interesting plotline

But the most interesting plot on the upcoming Iron Man comic book series is the possibility of Tony Stark falling for the ex-girlfriend of Peter Parker, Mary Jane (MJ) Watson.

According to Brian Michael Bendis, who is writing the “Invincible Iron Man” comic book series, Tony Parker and MJ Watson know each other because she used to live in Avengers Tower.

However, the writer refuses to divulge any other detail because he said that the kind of relationship that will ensue between Tony and MJ is part of the big reason why fans, people, and readers should buy the comic book, details the International Business Times of India.

Because of the way Bendis made his refusal to describe the ensuing relationship between Tony and MJ, many are speculating that it could be the romantic kind, which would be a good plotline too if it is incorporated in “Iron Man 4.”

While there is nothing concrete yet as far as the plot or screenplay of “Iron Man 4” is concerned, the scriptwriters could sure use the plot to make the movie enjoy an interesting sidelight, although they may have to think how Pepper Potts, played in the series by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, will come out of it in the event that Tony falls for MJ.

Superhero vs. superhero

The superhero versus villain plot has become so overused in the superhero movies that the main storylines have been twisted to pit superhero versus another superhero.

That will be the case with the upcoming Warner Bros movie based on DC Comics “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” pitting the Caped Crusader against the Man of Steel.

The MCU certainly does not want to be left behind on the idea and thus will be doing the same with “Captain America: Civil War” that will feature the fight between Captain America and Iron Man.

Speculations in the DC movie abound that by some twist of fate, Batman will defeat Superman during their encounter before they patch things up and form the Justice League.

Iron Man 4

However, that cannot be said yet for the battle between Captain America and Iron Man in “Civil War.” While it would seem that Iron Man would enjoy the clear advantage, it should be noted that the film is a Captain America movie and his position on the Superhero Registration Act, which he and Tony Stark are fighting about, is more of being the protagonist rather than the antagonist.

A comparison has recently been made for the duel between Captain America and Iron Man in terms of combat skills, tech and weaponry, intellect and experience, and the prediction say that the battle will end up in a tie.


  1. Iron Man needs to fight the REAL Mandarin in Iron Man 4!!! I really don’t like the idea of Tony Stark and MJ Watson being a couple. MJ is supposed to only be Peter Parker’s girlfriend. Tony needs to stick with Pepper (even though she is an annoying bitch).

  2. The real Mandarin needs to be the villain of Iron Man 4. Fin Fang Foom should be the secondary villain of Iron Man 4. Pepper Potts needs to become Rescue in Iron Man 4.

  3. manderine should be in im4,about that mj watson will be in this movie dont matter,coz rdj great

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