Kate Upton Got Only a Million Dollars as Image Model for Game of War: Fire Age?

The sexiest woman alive and supermodel-turned-actress Kate Upton appears to be underpaid for serving as the image model of the mobile game “Game of War: Fire Age,” developed by Machine Zone.

The 23-year-old Upton is rumored to have received a cool $1 million for her image modelling stint but if the recent pronouncement of Machine Zone CEO Gabriel Leydon is to be believed, it was actually a bargain on their part as the game developer no longer paid the supermodel any royalties after.

Kate Upton’s talent fee for her stint as image model of “Game of War: Fire Age” was a closely-guarded secret, but a mid-level executive of another game development company recently had a verbal tussle with Leydon in a cocktail party and the information suddenly was spilled out.

According to Recode.net, Daniel Wiggins, business development executive of game developer Kabam had a heated verbal exchange with Leydon when the two started comparing the merits of their respective companies.

Wiggins claimed to have seen highly confidential and valuable trade secret information about Machine Zone which obviously piqued Leydon.

Comparatively cheap

The Kabam executive said that Leydon attacked their company’s strategy of cutting licensing deals with big movie studios like Marvel to create games like “Contest of Champions.” The Machine Zone executive says that its strategy is different because it develops its own characters and themes. And when it does pay talent, it gets it comparatively cheap.

Leydon further added that unlike Kabam which paid a considerable amount of money as an ongoing royalty for the talent and works that they license, Machine Zone had only paid about one million dollars to obtain the rights to use Kate Upton’s likeness, according to Wiggins.

Wiggins added that the Machine Zone CEO went on to brag that the rights obtained from Kate Upton were profitable for the company and that the limited relationship between Machine Zone and the supermodel did not require his company’s continued payment of royalties to Ms. Upton.

As a result of the verbal tussle and Wiggins claiming to have copies of the financial secrets of Machine Zone, Leydon and his company sued the Kabam business development executive in court.

Machine Zone refused to comment on their deal with Kate Upton, but many in the gaming industry believe that Wiggins take on the story is plausible.

Revealing pictures

Kate Upton is among the three models who posed revealing pictures for the upcoming Fall issue of V Magazine, according to the International Business Times of Australia.

She, along with Miranda Kerr and Amber Valetta will have their seductive photos appearing on the magazine’s 97th issue.

The three supermodels are seen wearing white, sheer fishnet lingerie for the particular photo shoot for the magazine.

Upton is pictured lying on the bed facing up wearing a sheer white bodice, which has a crochet design on the waist. The sheer bodysuit reveals her bosom but the 23-year-old model covers them up creatively with her hands.

Kerr is seen lying upside down on a bed wearing sheer white one-piece lingerie in fishnet, leaving very little to the imagination.

The 41-year-old Amber Valetta posed topless, wearing sheer white bottoms as she lies on the bed, exposing her right breast for the camera.

Other supermodels to be featured on the magazine, whose next issue will be released on September 10, include Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Candice Swanepoel, Joan Smalls and Anja Rubik.

kate upton

Meanwhile, Kate Upton has been hailed as the Marilyn Monroe of today’s generation. The accolade came no less from Carine Roitfied, former editor of Vogue, who tapped the 23-year-old model-turned-actress to a calendar-style shoot for a “CR Men’s Book,” which will come out as a supplement for Roitfield’s “CR Fashion Book.”

With her voluptuous curves, bouncy blonde hair and classically beautifully features, Kate Upton has the face and aura of the modern-day Marilyn Monroe.

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