Justin Bieber Abhors 5SOS for Coming to his AMA After Party Uninvited!

While there was no official word from either Justin or Selena that they are back together again, it seems that their actions speak louder than words and they appear to be saying that they are close to being a couple again, assuming that they are not yet on such stage at that time.

In an interview earlier last month, Justin said that he does not know if he is over with his feelings for Selena. He said that despite going separate ways after breaking up for the umpteenth time late last year, there are still things that remind him of Selena.

Selena, on the other hand, said in a separate interview, that he is proud of Justin and that she always believed in him.

While there have been reports that the two are seeing other people right now, their sighting last month seems to indicate that they are not over each other and that they are not even thinking of their reported partners at that point.

The two music celebrities were seen on photos and videos getting close and Selena was even caught putting her arm around Justin moments after his public declaration of his love for his teenage sweetheart.

On the way out of the bar, the two appears to be in deep conversation and looked very close. When Selena fell by a step behind, Justin reached out to her and tenderly rested her arm on his shoulder.

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