Teeth Whitening Application by Professional Practitioners Preferred by Experts Over Do-It-Yourself Kits Off the Pharmacy Shelf!

In today’s times when nearly all information is available on the internet, even teeth whitening procedures are already found on the worldwide web.

Many people actually believe that they become experts on their own right once they read a topic on the internet and began to know more about it. However, merely reading a couple of articles on the internet, or even plenty, does not make one an expert on an issue, particularly on the sensitive matter of medicine and health care.

For one, many articles on the internet are published without reliable sources so it is important for the web surfers and readers to ensure first that they are reading something from a credible source or sources.

It is also important for readers to differentiate research articles from blogs since the latter is more about the personal opinions or experiences of internet writers and bloggers. Research articles, on the other hand, are based on a thorough study and analysis which have undergone thorough scrutiny.

The new problem lies with the fact that there even opinion-based articles on some websites that come off as research articles so it is really up to the readers to discern or verify if what he just read or picked up on the internet is accurate. Otherwise, he shall be propagating a hoax, which is quite common on the internet these days given the free flow of information.

Teeth whitening options

One sensitive issue that has plenty of information on the internet is teeth whitening. So it is very important for the readers or consumers to know and verify that what they are reading is accurate or not.

Often, readers check the internet for teeth whitening options for themselves or their loved ones. Given the abundance of teeth whitening products in local pharmacies these days, most people would rather focus on self-application rather than seek professional treatment.

Doing away with a professional to do the teeth whitening procedure would sure save them a good amount of money. However, they are actually taking a big risk that can cause damage to their teeth and gums.

The Telegraph recently asked three experts on what consumers should choose and they were actually unanimous in saying that professional whitening is always preferable compared to kits bought off the shelf.

Dr. Mark Hughes, Panasonic’s Smile Expert, said that the chemicals used to whiten one’s teeth are strictly regulated so the levels of those key ingredients in the products that are available in the market are very low. He said that this means that it has little or no effect at all even with regular application.

Dr. Hughes said that that other benefit of having one’s teeth whitened by a professional is safety, adding that it is important for a person to have a full dental health exam first before starting teeth whitening treatment because if he has tooth decay or gum disease, the process can actually cause painful sensitivity and even damage one’s teeth.

Dr. Zaki Kanaan, the owner of K2 Dental, explained that teeth whitening provided by a dental care professional are permitted to have the higher legal limit of 6% hydrogen peroxide. The trays supplied by most over-the-counter teeth whitening products are loose, with the risk of ingestion of the whitening gel.

One of UK’s leading holistic GPs, Dr. Sohere Roked, also said that oil pulling is the preferable method for teeth whitening, which should be done by a professional. He explained that the process is an Ayurvedic practice that has been around for thousands of years and literally means to pull out toxins from the stomach.

Simple process but risky

Teeth whitening may be a simple process to many people but what they do not know is that if done improperly by unqualified people, it can cause irreparable damage to the teeth and gums.

teeth whitening

There are even cases of illegal teeth whitening in the UK as offered by some beauty salons. British regulators and law enforcement agents have apprehended and prosecuted a total of 24 of these practitioners last year, which was more than the number in 2014.

The UK General Dental Council (GDC) is the local government body in charge of prosecuting entities engaged in illegal whitening, the punishment of which comes with a fine of thousands of pounds.

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