Jeremy Lin Slowly Finding His Sweet Spot in Charlotte Hornets’ Scheme of Things!

He said that he is even more inclined to re-wear a style that he did not play well in the past so that he can rectify the situation. He also clarified that he does not have any superstition on his hairstyles, he just does whatever he wants or whatever comes to his mind.

Incidentally, Jeremy Lin was included by the NBA in the Chinese New Year TV commercial that also featured reigning NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and MVP contender last season James Harden of the Houston Rockets.

The TV spot is titled “Dining Table” and shows the three NBA stars sharing a New Year Day meal with a Chinese family. The commercial is being broadcast by the league until February 22 across all of NBA’s China television and digital partners’ platforms.

The Chinese New Year happened on February 8 and the NBA TV commercial sort of gives NBA fans an idea how a Chinese family would spend dinner with Curry, Harden, and Lin.

Harden would smile and stir his food around as he normally does. Lin would be hiding under a giant dragon mask while Curry would say ‘Cheers!’ in Chinese.

According to the league, the Chinese New Year celebration is quite historic for the NBA.

Houston, Golden State, and Washington, which had games that day, wore uniforms with the team name in Chinese and host arena events.

Other NBA teams also celebrated the holiday and paid tribute to the Chinese culture, indicative of the importance of the growing Chinese basketball market.


  1. Sweet spot my ass ! Jeremy Lin is playing under shackles in Hornets under coach Clifford. And the reason why Jeremy Lin is inconsistent is because he has not been allowed to play proper minutes in most games especially when Kimba or Batum are not injured. He is also not given the chance to play the PG role he is good at. If he becomes the PG of even the bottom team playing first team like the 76ers, I am sure the 76ers will rise dramatically in the NBA league

  2. If you look at the Hornets pass games this season, when Jeremy Lin did not play (because of injuries) or played only limited minutes, Hornets loses most of the time. However when Jeremy played, Hornets win more than they lost. When when Kimba or Batum are not playing and he was given the role of a PG, the team would win or lose very marginally. Seriously even though Jeremy was played like shit by Clifford, he was still able to help Hornets do well enough tis season to have a chance of getting into the finals. Without Jeremy Lin, Hornets will probably be just above Lakers

  3. It’s pretty clear that Jeremy Lin is being horribly misused by the Hornets.

    Jeremy’s main strength is driving and attacking the basket. Yet the Hornets have him playing as a spot-up shooting guard where he just stands off to the side while Kemba Walker plays hero-ball.

    In addition to this, Walker gets to work through his cold streaks…like the time he started the game 2-14 shooting. Yet when Lin starts off cold he is immediately benched and not allowed to work through it.

    Lin needs to be in a system where he can actually play his natural PG position and be free to drive to the basket and facilitate for others.

  4. We should be fair to thank Coach Clifford for giving Jeremy Lin a better opportunity than any other coaches in NBA except D’Antoni. Comparing to the former coach of McHale with Rockets, and also the current coach Byron Scott of Lakers, Hornets Coach Clifford is already an angel to Jeremy Lin. Now Jeremy Lin has proven that those coaches with Rockets and Lakers were absolutely prejudiced against Lin. Besides the coaches, the players like Kobe Byriant and Carmelo Anthony were really narrow-minded and vicious in harassing Jeremy Lin. Thanks to all wonderful teammates of Hornets who have been so nice as brothers to Jeremy Lin.

  5. All the credits belong to Coach Clifford, Manager Cho, Michael Jordan, and all teammates of the Hornets who have been extremely nice to Jeremy Lin. Thanks to all of them!

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