Is It a Good Time for Dishonored 2 Right Now

With so much talk about the possibility of Bethesda announcing a sequel to “Dishonored”, some people seem to be forgetting the obvious question. Does it make a lot of sense to release “Dishonored 2” in the current climate on the gaming scene?

Sure, when the first game came out, it was quite fresh and innovative for its time. And it wasn’t praised so much for any particular feature, but rather for its overall presentation and the way it combined all of its features into one memorable package. That, combined with a recent stagnancy in the stealth genre, created the perfect situation to launch the game. And indeed, when it came out, it just worked.

Now though, some time has passed, and the scene looks differently. “Dishonored” revived the stealth genre and shot it back into the spotlight, but many other studios were also quick to get in on the action. “Thief” came out of its long hiatus with a reboot, “Watch Dogs” approached the genre from another angle, and “Assassin’s Creed” has been continuing to enjoy its popularity, despite some setbacks.

With all this in mind, would it really be a smart move for Bethesda to announce “Dishonored 2” right now? It may very well be that the studio was actually preparing the title, but then decided to postpone it until a better time. They also have plenty of projects on their plate right now other than “Dishonored”, so it’s not like they’re losing too much by delaying that title.

On the other hand, “Dishonored” definitely does have a solid following, so a new game in the series will probably enjoy a lot of attention from gamers and the media alike. If Bethesda want to release it right now though, it should come with some serious gameplay improvements in order to stand a chance in the current market.

The original gameplay could be changed a little while still keeping it fun. For example, many players tended to disregard the possibility to complete levels without killing anybody, as the game predisposed towards lots of violence, both in its aesthetics as well as its gameplay. Judging by the way most fans of the original game were commenting on that issue, Bethesda could develop a sequel with a stronger focus on combat and enjoy a lot of success with it.

Dishonored 2

In all likelihood, Bethesda are probably focusing on either “Fallout 4” or the next “Elder Scrolls” title right now. There have been lots of rumors lately about “Fallout” in particular, so it looks like the most probable revelation by the studio at the moment. The coming months should shed some light on the situation if something really is coming up, so we should just wait and see.


  1. >does it make sense to release Dishonored 2 now?
    >because of these trash games already existing?

    Yes. Thief was extremely disappointing and Watch Dogs was the biggest disappointment of recent years (this is to put it lightly). Assassin’s Creed has two good games, 2 and Black Flag, and stealth games like Hitman and Splinter Cell are pretty much dead after too many awful sequels. There’s not exactly much competition out there for a good stealth game, nevermind the greatest stealth game, Dishonored.

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