Highly Innovative Samsung Galaxy S6 Shows How Serious Samsung Is in Recapturing Leadership in Smartphone Market

Consistent with earlier reports prior to the launch on March 1 at the Galaxy Unpacked press event in Barcelona, Spain preceding the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a marvel of a smartphone.

It was really built from the ground up based on early reports that the Korean tech giant codenamed it ‘Project Zero.’ The Samsung Galaxy S6 is not only highly innovative, it looks astounding for a flagship smartphone, reported MSN Money.

Launched along with the Galaxy S6 Edge, the Galaxy S6 is an indication that Samsung is really serious in recapturing its leadership in the smartphone market, which it somehow lost last year.

The Korean tech giant’s dominance of the smartphone market slipped through its grasp last year as Apple ate up on its market nearly everywhere in the world, Xiaomi became dominant in the Chinese market, and Micromax wrests control of the market in India, details C/Net.

Smartphone sales figures in the fourth quarter last year showed that Apple is already tied with Samsung as the world’s foremost vendors of mobile devices. Samsung was several notches up with Apple just a few years back.

The drop in Samsung’s smartphone sales performance is mainly attributed to the poor showing of its current flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, which hardly offered anything new to its consumers based on its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

With Apple’s launching of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus in September last year, it was already easy to figure out why many former Samsung users ditched their smartphones in favor of the latest and bigger iPhones.

Major upgrade

Having learned its neat lesson that launching a less-than-groundbreaking flagship smartphone is costly, Samsung has made drastic upgrades on the Samsung Galaxy S5 on the way to coming out with a fresh new concept and the highly innovative Samsung Galaxy S6.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the first in the series that shall have a metal casing, something that Samsung has shunned widely in the past but has finally decided to use it since most of the competitors are using metal already, notes The Korea Times.

The Galaxy S6 also has a curved glass on its surface and its two sides which gives it a very elegant and classy appeal. In addition, the handset features a battery that cannot be detached from the smartphone, similar to the iPhones, which gives the Galaxy S6 a slimmer body.

But it is doing one better than the iPhones because the Samsung Galaxy S6 features a wireless charging system.

Finally listening to consumers

The drastic changes that Samsung made on the Galaxy S6 also indicate that the Korean tech company has been listening to its consumers now unlike the time when it was too mindful of its own success that it was almost deaf to market suggestions or recommendations.

Having suffered a freefall in the smartphone market that it once dominated would surely give anybody more than enough reasons to rethink its strategies.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 looks sleeker in design and now has less bloatware and unnecessary software features, which is also based on the feedback of consumers.

samsung galaxy s6

From all indications, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will become the Korean company’s new smartphone messiah. And Apple may have just returned to the drawing board to make its own changes to its rumored iPhone 6S or iPhone 7.

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