Iron Man 4: Downey Jr Fee Puts Sequel and Avengers Appearance in Doubt

Fans are asking for it, Robert Downey Jr. would love to do it, but what is really happening with this sequel, and how much longer will we have to wait?

The first Iron Man came out in 2008. and it was the beginning of the comic book cinema era. It opened the way for an entire cinematic universe or intertwined characters, storylines, plots, and superpowers.

Every Iron Man movie since, and every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie that came out since that moment, was a blockbuster. And ever since the Iron Man 3 came out, we are all wondering will there be an Iron Man 4?

Will they, won’t they?

So in 2014, in an interview with Ellen Degeneres, Robert Downey Jr. confirmed that „Iron Man 4“ negotiations were in progress. We thought YAY!

But, later that same night, when he was on The Late Show, he told David Letterman that there’s still no script for the sequel, and when pressed to confirm that he’s doing Iron Man 4, Downey said: “Just between us, no — but I’m going to do other stuff with Marvel. I’m still going to be involved with Marvel and there’s going to be plenty of other fun stuff.”

So, he wants to do it, but it’s not happening? But why?

When our favorite Tony Stark signed his contract extension with Marvel Studios, it confirmed his appearance in Avengers: Infinity War, but Iron Man 4 was not mentioned. Most people took that as a sign that Iron Man movies will either end at three, or that someone else will take the mantle from Robert Downey Jr. as the notorious playboy billionaire genius.

You see, the history of Downey’s negotiations with Marvel might shed some light on this situation. The biggest draw in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, statistically, is Robert Downey Jr. He had always had the upper hand in negotiations, to the point where he got them to pay him $50 million for his work in The Avengers. Because of these hardball tactics, Marvel is not too eager to jump into talks for Iron Man 4.

Now, we know that there are two more Avengers movies in the works, but Chris Evans, while being on Ellen Degeneres show a few months back, said that he will be leaving the comic book franchise after the fourth installment of Avengers, and that his famous co-star might even skip that one  “Downey is far closer to reaching that point where he may walk away. And I don’t know how you replace Downey as Tony Stark. I don’t know who else can touch that.”

So, wait, we know that Downey Jr. will be in Infinity War, but will he leave the MCU or will Iron Man be killed in that movie? What could possibly happen that would stop him from doing the still-unnamed Avengers 4?

In a recent interview, Marvel big boss Kevin Feige was asked to say if Avengers: Infinity war will really feature the death of one of the superheroes, and he didn’t even beat around the bush, Feige simply said „Yes“. Although he did not reveal who will meet their demise, many people online are willing to bet good money on it being Iron Man. Apart from the fact that the Robert Downey Jr’s character will reach his climax in Infinity War, it seems that this actor is just too expensive for Marvel to keep.

Also, when Iron Man first came out, Marvel Studios had no idea that comic-book based movies will be such a success. Now, they already have so much on their plate, there seems to be no time for another Iron Man.

iron man 4Two more Avengers films, Black Panther, Ant-Man and The Wasp, Captain Marvel – it looks like Marvel will be busy until 2020. Therein might lay another good reason against Iron Man 4. By 2020, Robert Downey Jr. will be 55 years old, and considering that Marvel has plans for a lot more movies in their Cinematic Universe, they might want to replace him with a younger actor.

But wait, there’s more!

There’s still a glimmer of hope for one last solo Iron Man movie. Downey Jr. recently said that one of the reasons why he keeps on coming back to reprise his role of the iron-clad superhero is the fact that he loves the materials that are being presented to him. “What happens to me is that things are presented to me that are really well thought out by folks that have been doing this correctly for a really long time, and I go like, ‘Check’.”

So, if he’s given the right script, the actor just might return for Iron Man 4.

Sadly, for now, we can only speculate and hope, but as soon as we get any new info, we will let you know!

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