Fire Emblem Warriors Introduce Fates and a New Special Edition released at Gamescom 2017

Fire Emblem Warriors’ latest trailer has been unveiled by Nintendo at Gamescon 2017. The Fire Emblem Fates characters were Camilla, Leo, Hinoka and Takumi are introduced as new characters in the epic trailer.

In the trailer, it showcases about the two royal families, Nohr and Hoshido, who are in conflict with each other. They temporarily broke a truce to be united and forget about their enmities to defeat the Chaos Dragon who threatens the world.

Take a look on the trailer shown below.



Nintendo confirmed that the heads of the family, Xander and Ryoma, would appear in the Warriors.

Here are the new characters:

Camilla voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro is Nohr’s first princess. When she fights, she doesn’t let her guard down and is not afraid to show cruelty against her enemies.

Leo voiced by Mamoru Miyano  is Nohr’s second prince. He’s very scholarly and intelligent with fantastic magical tricks. He is an elite who can handle anything that goes his way smoothly.

Hinoka voiced by Kaori Nazuka is Hoshido’s first princess. She is a great warrior who is always truthful and fights by defeating the frontlines.

Takumi voiced by Yuki Kaji is Hoshido’s second prince. He wants others to see his power and acknowledge it. He is somewhat erratic because of his emotional ups and downs.  

There are also new game details in the game’s battle system. It allows you to “pair up” when your character goes near to an ally. This pair up forms the characters in front and backline characters who fight together. When this action happens, a “Dual Attack Gauge” appears. You can fill this gauge up to slice into the enemy’s guard and break into it.

You can also use “Dual Guard” when paired up. When this meter fills up, you can utilize it to completely squash the enemy. When both characters of a pair fill up their Musou Gauges, the “Duo Special Attack” becomes available. This allows them a cooperative special attack. Depending on the pair’s bond, you’ll hear a difference in their lines.

There are various reactions in the trailer as seen on the comments posted in YouTube. Some of them perceive as there is something wrong with Hinoka’s voice. It sounds shrill and a lot different than her deep voice, the fans say.

Koei Tecmo said that Fire Emblem Warriors will feature more playable characters than the first installment of any Warriors-style collaboration. Last month, Nintendo also released a trailer that features characters from Fire Emblem Awakening. Some of these characters were Frederick, Lissa and Lucina.

Furthermore, the game now allows a Lucina and Marth pair up which fans have been clamoring for. In addition, Europe is also getting a special limited edition. Europe’s special edition version of Fire Emblem Warriors’ includes art cards of the characters and a new soundtrack with three-disc to go with the game.

Fire Emblem Warriors will launch on Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS on September 28 in Japan and October 20 in Europe and in the US.

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