Breastfeeding Aussie Senator Now on the Outer

In a bold move for the pro-breastfeeding movement, an Australian Senator has openly breastfed her infant while in the parliamentary chamber.

While giving a televised speech in the chamber Senator Larissa Waters nursed her 14-week old infant child, without a nursing cover. Only a towel draped over her shoulder.

The Senator had been widely applauded for her willingness to feed in such a public forum and it was seen as a big step forward for working mothers in their fight to normalize breastfeeding in the workplace.

Last year the Australian Parliament relaxed its restrictions on children in the parliamentary chamber after multiple incidents caused for other Member of Parliament to miss important votes and speaking engagement due to the feeding sessions.

However, recent developments have seen the trailblazing senator forced to unexpectedly resign from her position.

In the weeks prior to her resignation, a colleague had discovered that he was ineligible for Parliamentary office due to holding a dual citizenship, and was required to step down from his position.

This prompted Senator Waters to ask her lawyers to look into her own eligibility. It was discovered that she did indeed hold dual citizenship with Canada despite leaving the country of her birth at eleven months of age.

The failure to renounce her citizenship prior to her election disqualifies her from the Parliament.
In a teary press conference, the Senator announced the oversight and her intention to step down. Once again speaking with her baby in hand.

Regardless of one’s opinion on how appropriate her display of public breastfeeding was, it cannot be denied that it took courage. Pictures were broadcast all around the world and it brought the issue once again into the public eye.

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