Jane the Virgin Season 4 Spoilers: The Unorthodox Love Triangle

After season 3 ended with a little ray of light for our adorable protagonist, we’ve been waiting to learn more about Season 4 that premieres this fall. Here’s what we got.

This show was always all about being charming, funny and heartwarming. The premise, the narrator, characters… Jane Villanueva is a daughter of a teen mother who grew up determined not to repeat the mistakes her mom made. She was studying to be a teacher, and was engaged to a detective who supported her decision to be a virgin until marriage. That is until a routine visit to the clinic kick-started the show.

At the same time, this show is preposterous, soap-streaked telenovela, a noisy comedy, a decent cop thriller, a tender family drama, a head trip and a genuinely touching romance. The characters and plots are absurd, but reactions of our protagonists are always human, real and relatable.

This is why everybody loves Jane the Virgin, and why we cannot wait to see what happens next.

So, Season 3 ended on a ray of hope for Jane. After her husband, Michael dies, and she breaks up with Fabian in the penultimate episode, the very end of the finale introduced her new lover Adam (played by Tyler Posey).

But what’s next for Jane?

Perhaps a love triangle?

When Season 2 ended, the love triangle between Jane, Rafael, and Michael has come to an end. Jane and Michael’s wedding threw Rafael out of the equation, and out of Jane’s life.

Now that Michael passed away, and Fabian disappointed her, Jane started falling in love with Rafael. At least it seemed like it until Petra came back to his life. In the finale of Season 3, we saw Jane preparing to confess her love for Rafael until she got the missing letter from Michael, the one he wrote before their wedding.

Now that Adam entered the scene, we start wondering if there’ll be another love triangle?

Executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman said „We are, of course, always teasing out the possibility of Jane and Rafael — but we aren’t looking at a traditional love triangle with those three. And I can’t say anymore!“

Jane the virgin season 4

Adam, who is Jane’s first love, will definitely try to wriggle his way back into her life, and Urman stated “Adam’s arrival definitely changes the course of Jane’s life and trajectory. Our show likes to construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct the idea of ‘meant to be.’ Whereas Jane started off believing wholeheartedly in the idea that you are ‘meant to’ be with one person, as she matures, and the show matures, we look at that question and ask if it’s really true. Or is life, and romantic love, more about timing?

Xo and Rogelio drama

Jane’s parents finally managed to tie the knot, only to find out that Darci is seven months pregnant with Rogelio. She demanded sole rights of the unborn daughter, but Rogelio managed to fight his way into his new baby’s life.

This pregnancy will have to be sorted out, and we can expect a lot of fun from it, as executive producer said “It’s going to give us a lot of story potential, a lot of conflict, but also a lot of real obstacles that they’ll have to fight through to preserve their marriage.”

We expect there’ll be a lot of tension between Xo and Darci, as Xiomara will have to face the fact that Darci will be a part of her and Rogelio’s life.

Will Anezka and Luisa team-up to make problems?

Coincidentally, Anezka (Petra’s twin sister) and Luisa (Rafael’s sister) met in a cab, talked and shared valuable info about their rival siblings. Before „Chapter-Sixty-Four“ ended, Anzka tricked her sister by stealing Rafael’s phone and sending her romantic text messages. She lured Petra to the place where Rafael first confessed his love to her and held her at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, Luisa managed to get her father’s will and realized that she is the owner of Marbella, and she kicked her brother out.

When talking about the twin’s rivalry, Urman said „Her life is definitely in danger! I can’t say whether or not she’ll pull the trigger, but I will say there will be a surprising sequence of events…“

The fourth season will consist of only 17 episodes, and it will premiere on Friday, Oct 13.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that the show is near cancellation, according to Jennie Urman, the number of episodes is deliberately smaller, due to a creative decision.

This will not stop us from enjoying this crazy ride, though!

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