Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper Seen Being Very Openly Affectionate with One Another at Wimbledon!

Not that the “American Sniper” actor is a Mama’s boy but the 41-year-old hunk actually treats his mother Gloria Campano like his best friend that he is reportedly considering asking her to move in with him and his girlfriend Irina Shayk in the event that they decide to finally live together.

Since the death of his father back in 2011, Bradley has become even closer to his mother and has practically been his best friend since. A source close to the actor said that Bradley calls his mother multiple times every day so he would rather have her under the same roof as he and Irina.

According to reports, Bradley wants his mom to move in with him and his Russian supermodel girlfriend to be able to be in charge of the house and keep the peace.

Contrary to rumors that they are not getting along well, Irina and Gloria are doing okay together. The supermodel even spends a lot of quality time with Gloria whenever she is free from her modeling engagements.

During the Memorial Day celebration on May 30, Bradley Cooper was spotted walking his pet dog Charlotte in Los Angeles.

He looks buffed up wearing a casual blue zip-up jacket, red shorts, brown flip flops, and a red baseball cap in his hand.

The actor also looked very pensive, which gives critics the notion that he might be missing his girlfriend for the occasion.

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