“GTA 6” Could Ultimately Benefit with the Overhauled Graphics and Overall Enhancements of GTA 5 Redux

American game developer Rockstar Games has yet to make a formal announcement or statement regarding the development of “Grand Theft Auto 6” but speculations are never absent daily on the internet.

However, as of late, it has been overshadowed by the sensational launching last week of Nintendo’s “Pokemon Go,” and the formal announcement of the release date for the open-world Western action-adventure video game “Red Dead Redemption 2” on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

One of the latest and more interesting reports about “GTA 6” has nothing to do with the rumored location, characters, or gameplay of the sixth installment of the very popular franchise, but more on “GTA 5 Redux,” an improved iteration of the “GTA 5” that has just been previewed on the PC recently.

The mod was apparently updated by Josh Romito and his team and it gives gamers an all-new experience for “GTA 5.”

It is like playing “GTA 5” with an incredible and lifelike environment, it comes off as almost a virtual reality experience in high definition, notes Pocket-lint.

A dramatic overhaul

“GTA 5 Redux” dramatically overhauls the graphics of the game with all-new weather systems and effects, lighting, and textures, which ultimately enhanced “GTA 5” in so many ways.

The mod also included 61 incredible Snapmatic pictures indicating how good the game can be on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One when it finally rolls out in the next few weeks after it comes out on the PC next month.

Interestingly, many gamers and critics are saying that Rockstar Games could use the overall enhancement of “GTA 5 Redux” with the up and coming “GTA 6” to make the game really impressive.

It is also expected that the new features of “GTA 5 Redux” shall be adopted by Rockstar with “GTA 6” especially considering the reports that the latter game is now in development.

The all-improved “GTA 5” has a new police system with a reconfigured wanted system where police officers and the military have been given new tactics and skills as well as more advanced weapon load outs.

Interestingly, there shall also be female officers dispatched to respond to the crimes, which could be a prelude to the possibility that “GTA 6” would have a female protagonist based on the rumors that came out since last year.

The gamer’s weapons have likewise been upgraded and make them closer to their real-life counterparts. Bullets have also been made projectiles rather than hit instantly as in the main game. Enemies are also able to tweak to fight back more effectively, especially in melee, to add to the game’s excitement.

The mod shall be officially made available on the PC initially on August 26 and gamers are sure to appreciate the incredible amount of work and effort that was put into them to make it really impressive.

Critics are one with the notion that Rockstar will surely take note of the enhancements and see them as potentials for a more realistic-looking “GTA 6.”

Looking forward to a “GTA 6” trailer

One other thing that is exciting gamers of “GTA” is the rumors that Rockstar Games might be unveiling a trailer for the game soon, if not sooner.

According to reports, a “GTA 6” official trailer is likely to drop next year but since Rockstar Games has yet to confirm or deny it, this information should be taken with a fine grain of salt.

But some rumors are saying that the trailer for “GTA 6” could actually be released later this year.

However, since Rockstar Games has yet to officially confirm “GTA 6” at this time, having a trailer would seem a little absurd if that would be the case.

gta 6

But if the developer makes an announcement about “GTA 6” anytime soon, then a likely new trailer would drop sooner than later.

It has been previously reported that “GTA 6” would most likely come out in the gaming consoles in 2018 which is barely two years from now so Rockstar should be doing some kind of initial promotions by this time or maybe sooner.

Most of the rumors about “Grand Theft Auto 6” are saying that the game would have the entire US for its gameplay map, reports iTech Post.

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